March Runfessions

I have to start off saying I am so thankful I made it through “March Madness.” As I was writing in my prayer journal, I had so much to be thankful for. I runfess last year in March, I had two panic attacks because we were so busy. This year was no different; in fact we were even busier. This month my son celebrated his 6th Birthday, my middle daughter had a dance recital ON his birthday (bless him), she also had her last elementary school pageant (winning third alternate, praise!), my oldest had two soccer tournaments, and my little man just played his first Tball tournament of the season last week. Whew! I just couldn’t be more thankful that this year, I handled everything so much better and my anxiety was low. A big praise to God! It’s all about balance and I’m slowly learning how to keep it all together with my kids’ busy/blessed schedules.

I do runfess, one of those soccer tournaments was in Birmingham and I found a 10k race (Wine 10k) nearby, and yes I did sign up! I asked if it would be okay with my husband. He’s not a runner, but knows I’m not able to race much since our weekends are full. He said it was fine and wouldn’t you know the finish line was only 10 minutes away from our hotel?? I runfess, I was really excited and even more excited to see friends I met at Disney Princess last year. It really was a win, win! I was soooo happy to race and it went really well! I finished in 1:02:22!Princess friends! You might recognize Kristin @bamagirlruns in the middle. 

I runfess we had one free weekend this month and I raced! I signed up for the Azalea Trail Run 10k. I runfess I’ve signed up for it twice and didn’t make it. Something came up one year and one year I didn’t feel well. This was my very first Azalea Trail Run in Mobile, Alabama. Once again, so happy to be racing!! My goal was to beat my time from the Wine 10k, and I did it! I finished in 1:01:40 and it was HOT! I also runfess, I ran this race with a bladder infection. Oops. I started feeling sharp pains a week ago and had no idea why. I even made an appointment with my OBGYN. The pain got better and there was just pressure. I raced anyway because I runfess, I really, REALLY needed to get out of the house and run in a new place. I went to Urgent Care Sunday after church and indeed had a bladder infection. I told the doctor I had never had one and he said “Well you doing good, girl.” He is from India. 

I also runfess, I may have signed up for another race… and its TOMORROW. Wink wink 😉 

What about you?? Anything to runfess for March? I am linking up with Marcia for this month’s Runfessions! 

22 thoughts on “March Runfessions

  1. Good luck tomorrow! Those lost-minute races are fun because there’s seldom much pressure (at least for me) since I go into them without much preparation. They make for great training runs or as checkpoints for your training’s progress.

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