August: Turning 39, Struggles, and Marine Corps Marathon Training

I started off the month of August struggling a little bit from rumors going around about my family. It was also time to get all three kids ready to go back to school. I finally did get rid of the UTI I held onto for nearly two months by mid July so I was thankful for that.

I had lunch with my friend Jenny at our usual spot, Briquettes, in west Mobile, AL. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for our friendship. I was able to share with her all the things that had been going on without her judging me or the situation. I hope you all have a friend like her that you can confide in. She is a godly friend who loves Jesus, her family, friends and running just like I do. I also continued my training for Marine Corps Marathon. 6 miles on August 2 in the fog. By this time I was finally getting used to running in the heat and humidity.

August 3, we went to the Biloxi Shuckers game. Our last family outing before school started.

The next day I ran my first double digit long run, 10 sunrise miles. That was one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen.

The next week it was back to school for my kiddos. Aubrynn is now a freshman (left), Addy 6th grade (right) and Cayne is a second grader.

The next day on the 9th, I got my 12 mile long run out of the way because we were headed to the beach for my birthday that weekend!

We headed the beach Friday on the 10th and stayed until my birthday Sunday the 12th. I did run 5 miles at Gulf State Park. It was SO hot. I was supposed to run 6 but cut it short to go meet my friend Rebecca Bell for coffee at The Wharf. How did we meet?? On Instagram of course! Sunrise 5 miles at Gulf State Park.My new friend Rebecca. She’s a cross country coach at Robertsdale High School and she is a super fast runner herself. I enjoyed meeting her and her sweet baby girl, Savannah.

Later that Saturday evening, my family and I went to dinner to celebrate my birthday! Family picture at GT’s on the Bay.

August 12, my birthday! No running for me, but I did get up and watch the sunrise. My last year in my 30’s.

We went to brunch at Ruby Slipper and The Yard for my birthday milkshake before heading back home.

It was back to getting into the school routine once we got home and back to training. I have fallen off the 80 Day Obsession wagon. This was my last workout August 17 nearly a month ago. It was day 43 Triple A. I hope I can pick it back up again, but right now Marathon Training is kicking my butt.

I met Jenny that weekend at Longleaf Trace to run. She had 17 miles to run and I needed 14. We did not run together, but we kept in touch the whole time. This is the point in my training where I have started to really struggle. My heart rate went super high after taking a Huma Gel. At one point it read 190 on my Garmin so I was mentally done. I started walking once I hit 12 miles and finished at 13.4. I knew I was close to getting 14, but when my HR gets that high it’s time to stop. Before our run! It was really dark. And after! Jenny made it all the way through her 17 mile long run. I was so proud of her!

I was really happy I got to drop to 8 miles for my long run the next week to get ready for the Tupelo Half Marathon September 2. I hope I can write a race recap soon. Sunrise 8 miles. I have missed watching the sunrise so much. The weather in September has been yucky. Foggy mornings, hot and humid. The Tupelo Half went pretty well. The heat didn’t bother me as much as all… the… hills!! And I hill train!

So that pretty much sums up the month of August. I have reached the point in my training where I am really tired and burned out. Our kids’ activities have ramped up and we have a lot going on. I keep reminding myself Marathon Training is almost over! I will hopefully recap the Tupelo Half soon and then write a recap of the month of September later on. As of right now, I don’t know if I will be able to run the St. Jude full or another marathon any time soon for that matter. Indeed I am starting to feel my age and we are in a busy season of life. One day I would really love to travel and run races in each state. For now, I am just praying for cooler weather to make its way down south!! Bring on fall!!

I found this quote and it was a great reminder. If it were easy, everyone would do it right?? Marathon training is hard and it’s supposed to be. I look forward to running with the marines at MCM for the Wounded Warriors Charity. I know I am setting a great example for my children. That is what keeps me going.

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