Weekly Recap

I had another great week of running and made it to my three classes I teach for the week. I missed two days the week before due to baseball and a sick teenager. After two weeks of soccer tournaments, we were able to make it to church. I was so thankful because I am a worship leader and have been missing it so much. Our church prayed together for another terrible tragedy that happened in our community over the weekend. Beautiful view walking into church. 

Monday: I ran 4 miles in honor of an old friend I worked with 10 years ago. Her three children passed away in a tragic car accident last Saturday.  Their mother is still in the hospital recovering from another surgery. The doctors had to amputate her leg and she may possibly lost her other leg. She did not get to attend her children’s funerals. This really shook me up along with the rest of our small community. When things like this happen, I’m thankful for living in a small town where everyone comes together to pray and help.4 miles for Jackie, Spencer, Sierra, and Terra. 

For my Monday afternoon class, we did a lot of cardio: mountain climbers, squats jumps, split lunges, skaters, and I made them run a little bit hehe. We did a fully body workout full of lunges, squats, push-ups and planks. I wore myself out from my own workout! 

Tuesday: My husband decided to go turkey hunt and leave before daylight. I got up and could hear my teenager coughing. She just had strep throat last week. Needless to say, I had a rough morning getting my other two kids ready for school and decided to let my oldest sleep in. She had a freak case of pneumonia 2 years ago and her cough reminded me of that. I knew she needed to go back to the doctor to get checked out. Three fast miles mainly because I was mad lol. Sometimes that is the best way to blow off steam instead of blowing up at people who drive us bonkers sometimes. Sure enough, my teenager was wheezing and the Nurse Practitioner put her on steroids and breathing treatments just like she did when she had pneumonia 2 years ago. I was so sad for her because she never gets sick and I hated to see her feeling so badly. 

For Tuesday afternoon class I wrote an upper body workout with 4 stations and 1 cardio station. My ladies did bicep curls with a resistance band and weights, hammer curls, tricep kick backs, and chest press exercises on the exercise ball.

Wednesday: Ah, Wednesday I love because it’s just for running and no afternoon class. I ran 5 amazing miles in humid conditions. All of my runs were hot except for the end of the week. 

Thursday: running rest day and I taught core exercises at my class. We tried a new core exercise called the “sprinkler.” I think they all liked it! I’m always trying to learn new exercises because regular crunches are boring and not that good for you. 

Friday: Well I signed up for another last minute race since my friend Katherine, @irunthislife, would be there. The Rise and Shine 5k for me and Katherine was running the half. I ran three and walked two to get 5 miles and hit my March goal of 80 miles! I also ran one fast mile to practice for the 5k. It was pretty tough but at least I got an idea of how fast I could go. I was really nervous about it because I haven’t raced a 5k since July. 

Saturday: Race day!! I will write a short race recap for the Rise and Shine 5k, but I had another amazing race! I’m so proud of my time and the weather was absolutely perfect. I just needed some cooler temps to run a good race! I got to see my friend who I have not seen since December. Me and Katherine pre-race! 

My unofficial time for my 5k was 27:59 and official results were 27:52! Woo hoo!! I think that this proved to me that I am much stronger at a 5k race than any other distance. My 10k is improving but I’ve struggled with my half’s last fall and this year. So proud of my 5k time. I truly ran a strong race with negative splits. 

I hit my goal finishing off the month of March with 80 miles. I have made it 212 miles for the year and only 788 to go to hit my 1000 mile goal for this year! 

How was your week?? Did you race? Did you hit your mileage goal for the month? I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 

21 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Way to go hitting your mileage goal! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and her family. Stories like that really shake me up and make me reflect on life.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and her children. That’s so incredibly awful. đŸ˜¦ I’m sure your community is coming together.

    Looks like you had a great week otherwise. Nice job at your race. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

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  3. I never have monthly mileage goals. I do try to run consistently (usually 4X/week), but if I have a “number” in my head, I tend to focus on the quantity and the quality goes south LOL Sorry to hear about the family in your town, what a tragedy!

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  4. Way to go!

    I am so sorry for your community’s loss. What an awful tragedy đŸ˜¦

    I am right there with you on the strep/respiratory stuff with kids. Our little man is mostly healthy, but does get the strep, croup, pneumonia and all the rest of them. It’s frustrating, but I am quite familiar with those sounds and all the varying treatments. I hope your daughter feels better soon!

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  5. It is heartbreaking to read about your friend…I can’t even begin to imagine losing my children. It is nice to be in a small supportive community during difficult times.

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  6. Wow! You had an awesome 5k. The cooler weather helps me more with my pace than anything else. I just don’t do humidity well. That is so sad about the car accident. Every day is truly a gift. I hope your teen is feeling better. My little granddaughter had pneumonia twice this winter and had to be hospitalized. Scary! Thanks for linking, Katie!

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