Summer, Bacterial Infections, and Marathon Training

I am happy to say I am on week 6 of Marine Corps Marathon training! I won’t say it’s been easy running in swampy conditions down south, but I’m getting it done running three days a week and cross training once a week. It has not been an easy and great summer for me. I battled a UTI infection that started the day before Memorial Day. I ended up at Urgent Care as soon as we got down to Destin for our family vacation. That’s how my summer basically started and now it’s almost over.

I will back up to the end of May because I want this blog to be more than about just running. I want to talk about my struggles as much as I want to talk about how awesome things are too. So at Urgent Care in Destin, I was diagnosed with a UTI and put on Cipro. I have never had a UTI in my life until a little over a year ago and now, I get them all… the… time. When I do, it’s hard to get rid of. I tried to enjoy our beach trip as much as possible, but I was in pain and of course the meds made me feel sick 😷. We ate crab at Old Bay Steamer, our favorite place to eat!

I ran a little on the beach even though I felt like dog poo. Plus, I had been drinking lots of wine which made my heart rate super high because of the stupid antibiotics I was taking. I had someone ask me on my FB page who took my pictures. Well, I do! I know it’s weird and odd to some people, but I really don’t care. I like pictures and I like running and taking pictures. This is one of my favorites and I can remember exactly how I was feeling when I ran on the beach that morning. I was slightly hung over and my heart rate was 180 plus running 13 minute miles. Yep, that’s what antibiotics mixed with wine will do to you.

But still, I tried to be a trooper and enjoy our first beach trip of the summer after a long school year. We had some fun taking these at Destin Commons. We watched a movie and did a little shopping before I asked to be taken back to the room. That Cipro made me feel terrible. We went home and the nurse called from the Destin Urgent Care saying they found E Coli and changed my meds to Macrobid. I had already stopped taking the Cipro anyway because I felt so badly. Little did I know the Macrobid would be even worse.

Long story short, the Macrobid affected my heart so that it was out of rhythm for 8 days. I have Mitral Valve Prolapse so I already suffer from palpitations, chest pain, fatigue, and lots of fun symptoms. The Macrobid caused my heart to have one palpitation a minute! (Trust me I counted) It was skipping or fluttering one time a minute. I was really freaked out. Needless to say I stopped the Macrobid and it took a long time to get out of my system. This all happened the first of June. I had already had a heart spell back in April similar to this one, so I made an appointment with a Mitral Valve Prolapse specialist in Birmingham.

I went back to the doctor for a third round of antibiotics called Omnicef. Those meds tore my stomach to pieces it was super strong. We made the trip up to Birmingham to see the MVP Doctor. The good thing about going all that way was meeting up with friends! Christopher, me, Tricia, Gregg

We had dinner with Tricia and Greg on the way in Meridian, and I got to see my friend Brittney at Steel City Pops in Birmingham the next day after my appointment. My appointment went well. Tests all came back fine, but the doctor basically told me I needed to go to the ER if my heart got out of rhythm again. BLAH. She said I probably had a reaction to the Macrobid which caused my heart to have palpitations for that long. Well, DER. I swear, I should have gone to school to be a doctor.

There was very little running in June. I think I logged 48 miles and tried my best to keep doing my 80 Day Obsession workouts. I prayed a lot and asked God for healing. I am a member of a Mississippi Coffee Runner Group on FB and found a few other ladies that have heart problems. They are still running and doing what they love to do. I was invited to Marine Corps Marathon with my friend, Jennifer before I had all of my health troubles in May and June. Once my heart tests all came back normal, I decided to sign up for Marine Corps Marathon and run for the Wounded Warriors Charity. I am so thankful I have a friend like Jennifer. She was recently diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and had her second ablation on July 19. We text back and forth every week and she truly understands what it feels like living with a heart problem. She understands and prays for me when I’m not feeling well and I am always praying for her. I am so very thankful God brought her into my life.

I also asked my friend and fellow southerner, Holly, if she would coach me through Marine Corps Marathon training running just three days a week. She also has Mitral Valve Prolapse. My first training run was three miles on June 26 and it went very well. I caught a beautiful sunrise.

Now my second training run was supposed to be 4 miles at a pretty easy pace. I didn’t get out early enough and I got waaaaay too HOT. I ended up walking home, taking my shirt off, and laying a towel on my bed so I could lay down with the fan on and a cold rag over my face. Christopher brought me some ice water and asked “And this is only your first week of training?” Uh huh. This was also not the first time I had gotten over heated. I got too hot in 59 degree weather because the humidity was 98% and I drank a whole yellow Gatorade in 2.5 seconds after running 5 miles. That is a NO-NO. Only sip after you finish a hot run or you will be sick as a dog. Sometimes, I get dehydrated after a hot run and can’t get off the pot. That wasn’t the last time I will get overheated either I’m sure, but since that run, I’ve tried to hydrate properly and take water and Gatorade with me in a bottle while I run. I’ve trained for half marathons in the summer, but never a full. Heck, I’ve only run two full marathons! So after that terrible 4 mile run, I was nervous about my first long run. I am happy to say, it went very well! First 6 mile long run for Marine Corps Marathon June 30!

And I am going to stop right here and write another blog post for all that happened in July. I finished my Omnicef, but did it get rid of my UTI? Nerp. Don’t worry, it will eventually go away even though I was so afraid I would NEVER get rid of it. I hope you enjoyed reading and had a laugh or two. I want to be more open and honest in my blog posts from now on and talk more about my faith. Even though I feel like I’ve been sick pretty much the entire summer break, I know God has always been with me. If it wasn’t for my walk with Jesus, my anxiety would be ten times worse than it already is. Running and training also helps with my anxiety. This is one of my favorite Scriptures for anxiety:

First we have to humble ourselves and He will lift us up in “due time.” I know I get so frustrated because I want to be completely free from all anxiety. I want to have faith and trust in God. I don’t want to worry about everything so much that it causes my body to go into stress mode (cue palpitations and panic attacks.) So we truly have to cast ALL of our anxieties onto Him and then try our very best to let go of whatever it is that is bothering us. Easier said than done for sure. Running is the only time during the day that my head is clear and my mind isn’t racing. My body is in motion, but I’m not thinking of all the things I need to be doing. I’m just thinking about putting one foot in front of the other. Plus I get to see some really amazing sunrises when I get up at dawn. I feel so close to the Lord when I’m out there on the road.

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