80 Day Obsession and Summer Running

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged so I will try to do a quick recap of what I’ve been up to so far this summer. It’s summer to us whenever the kids get out of school. I am currently on Day 35 of the Beachbody 80 Day Obsession workouts. It has been a great strength […]

80 Day Obsession and a little running

I’m a little behind again so I will try to catch up quickly! I’ve been doing a new workout program called 80 Day Obsession since May 7. It’s strength training and two days of cardio. I’ve noticed I burn just as many calories on cardio days as I do running about three miles. Jodi, @my.kind.of.fit […]

Weekly Recap—Hey May!

A little behind on my blogging because we are in the midst of a busy month! My friend Jodi, @my.kind.of.fit, and I decided to start the 80 Day Obsession workout May 7 together so we could hold each other accountable. She suggested I start with “A Little Obsessed” the week before so I could get […]

Best and Worst Race Pictures

I love this topic for Tuesday’s on the Run! First of all, I LOVE pictures but I am terrible about printing them. I am so proud that I ordered some “Wall Pics” for our family pictures we took in January. They put your pictures on small tiles and you place them wherever you want. The […]