April Runfessions

It’s that time of the month to get a few things off my chest and RUNFESS!  This month started off really well with a strong 5k race, but by the next week, I was in the ER as most of y’all know and the CT Scan showed I have a new friend called a Kidney […]

A for April!

Wow, it’s hard to believe how fast this month and even this YEAR is flying by! Even though I had a rocky start at the beginning of the month thanks to an ER visit, a UTI, and kidney stone discovery, I did not let any of that stop me from getting those miles in! I […]

Weekly Recap

I’ve had a wonderfully busy week getting back into the groove of teaching my fitness classes plus getting all of my runs in. I took off a week from class thanks to my kidney stone and UTI. The stone is still not going anywhere and I’m feeling much better!  Here is how my week went… […]

Weekly Recap

After a rough time last weekend thanks to an ER visit and discovery of a kidney stone, my week ended on a high note! The kidney stone forced me to cancel my fitness classes for the week because I had pain on and off all on my left side. My week went like this… Monday: […]

Weekly Recap

Hey y’all!  So… I landed in the ER Friday night with lower abdominal pain. Turns out I have a kidney stone. I am much better, but have no clue if the thing has passed because the worst pain was Friday and not as bad yesterday. Today I am having very little pain and I heard […]

Weekly Recap

I had another great week of running and made it to my three classes I teach for the week. I missed two days the week before due to baseball and a sick teenager. After two weeks of soccer tournaments, we were able to make it to church. I was so thankful because I am a […]

March Runfessions

I have to start off saying I am so thankful I made it through “March Madness.” As I was writing in my prayer journal, I had so much to be thankful for. I runfess last year in March, I had two panic attacks because we were so busy. This year was no different; in fact […]