Weekly Recap

Hey y’all and happy Sunday! Most of y’all know I did not go to Disney for the Dopey Challenge. It’s been hard seeing all the pictures of everyone who did get to go, but I know I made the right decision. I was shocked to see they canceled the half marathon and that maybe even I could get a partial refund! That never happens! 

At the beginning of the week, I was still feeling under the weather. Sunday was New Year’s Day which I spent with my family. My husband and I even snuck off on a date! We went shopping, out to eat and even watched a movie, Star Wars Rogue One! 

Monday, severe weather came through all day so I rested. 

Tuesday, I finally managed to get out and run the first mile of the New Year! Four miles in 100% humidity and FAWG. 

I did jump at the end of this run, but as the day went on, I did not feel well. I felt weak and tired. We traveled to Poplarville to watch my oldest daughter play soccer. She is in 7th grade playing with the varsity soccer high school team! She makes me proud. I did not feel well the whole time we were there, but I made it and enjoyed the game. We lost 2-1, but here is a shot a friend of mine took of her. Aubrynn is in navy and number 9.

She is so tough! I played soccer for 3 years in high school. She’s been playing since she was 4.  Did I mention I am so proud of her? 😍

Wednesday, the kids went back to school. I felt anxious for some reason so hubby took the kids to school and I drank my coffee on our front porch. I think it was the combination of feeling sick all day Tuesday, even at my girl’s game, and getting back into the school routine that had me off kilter. I took a few minutes to relax on the porch before doing all the house work. 

“The Lord is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

On Thursday morning, it was nice and chilly outside! I put on my new running shirt I bought with my Christmas money and my navy tights I got for Christmas. I took the kids to school and came home to run! I decided since the weather was perfect, I should go ahead and knock out my long run for the week which was 6 miles. 

Now this run really did make me jump for joy! It went so well! It felt like it had been weeks since I felt good running. I was sick for close to two weeks. That’s way too long to feel bad. I think the steroid shot and antibiotics made me feel worse. I was so thankful for a great run and that my pace is slowly creeping back into 10’s! 

Friday called for more rain in the forecast so I decided to run again before the cold weather came in. I dropped the kids off at school and came back home. It was cold and already sprinkling. At first, I wanted to try a 4 mile tempo run, but decided to cut it to 3 miles. I warmed up one mile at 10:29, ran the second mile at 10:03 (my goal pace was 10:00) and my cool down mile was faster because it started POURING! My last mile was 10:07. I was so excited about my overall pace! 5k at 10:12! 

I took this picture under my front porch. I was soaked! I’m still glad I got out there and tried some speed work. It’s been almost a year since I’ve trained for speed. I hope to add at least one day of speed work each week leading up to the Mississippi River Half Marathon. 

I registered for the Mississippi River Half Marathon last week and booked our hotel room. My husband said he would take me. I’ve waited 4 years to run this race! It will be on February 11. I also made plans to go to Baton Rouge next weekend for the Louisiana Half, but I will defer the race again to next year. I could tell my husband didn’t want me to go alone. Once again, maybe next year? At least Louisiana gives you the option. 

There is so much I want to do, but it’s better to be safe and not go places alone. Do you travel to races by yourself to accomplish running goals or do you plan races where someone can go with you? I hope you all have had a great week and weekend! I head back to work tomorrow to teach classes at the gym! I’m excited to see everyone! Happy Sunday friends! 

I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

28 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. You definitely made the right decision on Disney given the weather issues! Love that soccer action shot. My daughter played through high school – so fun! Awesome jumping selfies too – I hope this week brings you more reasons to jump for joy. πŸ˜‰


  2. So sorry you were sick. And that Disney turned out the way it did but there’ll be other years and more chances. You made a tough but wise decision. Mostly I’ll travel to a race with either my daughter or a friend. Always better with friends! : )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You did awesome on your runs this week! Sorry you weren’t feeling well, but it sounds like it passed.

    I travel alone pretty regularly. With an 8 year old and three dogs it’s not always feasible (especially not financially) for us to all go somewhere, especially if it’s for me to run a race. That being said, I lived on my own for quite some time, so if I wanted to do something or go somewhere, I just did. We all love to travel, so we do it when and as we can.

    Keep up the great work!


  4. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better! It can come on pretty sudden can’t it?
    My husband is the same way, he does not like me traveling by myself. I really wanted to go to Tampa to run in the Gasparilla I had friends there and was just going to try and fly but I could tell he did not want me to go. So I’ll plan on it for 2018!
    Sometimes it’s a pain but I have to remember, he loves me and doesn’t want anything to happen to me.

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