2017 Goals

2017 is well underway! We had a nice New Year’s Eve at home and even stayed up until midnight (except my 5 year old lol.) We had severe weather come through all day Monday so I finally got a nice 4 mile run in yesterday. I even signed up for my first race of the year! The Mississippi River Half Marathon on February 11! I have wanted to run this race for four years! When my hubby said he would take me, I was over the moon excited. I can’t wait to run across that bridge over the mighty Mississippi River! I am missing out on the Dopey Challenge this weekend and part of me is a little bummed out looking at all the pictures of friends who are already down in Orlando. Having something to train for lifted my spirits. 

Let’s talk about my goals for 2017. I would still like to run 1000 miles this year. I made that one of my goals for last year and didn’t make it. I only ran 622 miles for the entire year due to sickness and just a busy season of life. I would like to try again this year. I need to run at least 20 miles a week to hit that goal by the end of the year! I know I can do it! 

I would like to run half marathons that I haven’t run before. Mississippi River will be a new one and I would like to run two more before it gets too hot down here. 

April 1–Rise and Shine Half Marathon in Hattiesburg is less than an hour away and I’ve never run it! That one is on my list.

May 6–Magnolia Meltdown in Ridgeland Mississippi is a little further of a drive, but that’s on my list for spring. 

That’s all I have planned for now. I haven’t looked at fall yet because I can’t really plan that far ahead with Aubrynn’s soccer schedule. I’m would LOVE to run the Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon in September and Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series in Mandeville Louisiana in October. In November I would like to maybe go back to Pensacola and December definitely the Mississippi Gulf Coast Half again because it was so awesome!

In 2016 I ran:

4 Half Marathons, one 15k, one 10k, and five 5k’s. 

I’m hoping to run more half marathons in 2017 than anything else and I want to get stronger. I plan on writing out my own training program and adding speed work. I don’t plan on getting a PR this year, but it’s been a year since I’ve trained for speed. I got really fast working on my speed in the fall of 2015 which is why I PR’d four distances so quickly last winter. I don’t want to get to crazy with speed, but would just like to safely get faster. What are your goals for 2017? Did you achieve your goals for last year? I did not, but in 2017 I am working on a healthier and happier me! 

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