Weekly Recap 

Wow what a busy and blessed week/weekend it has been! My week didn’t get off to a great start. On Sunday I had to make a trip to Urgent Care because I was fairly certain I had strep throat. My son had it Friday and my throat actually started to hurt the same day I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s been a great week so far and it looks like the Valentine fairy came to our house yesterday! Lol. There are balloons, candy, and flowers every where! This was the first year I delivered a small gift for each of our three children to the schools and the first Valentine’s Day my husband and […]

Weekly Recap

I had a really great week not only fitness wise, but in my personal life as well! I ended the week running the Mississippi River Half Marathon in Greenville, MS yesterday morning. I hope to write my race recap soon! I am really pleased with how I ran considering it was really hot up there! […]

Goals for Mississippi River Half

I can’t believe it’s almost time to run the river! I’ve waited 4 years to run this race! I wanted to originally run the marathon, but I am just as excited to run the Mississippi River Half Marathon on Saturday. I had not planned on setting a time goal, but after using Jeff Galloway’s run/walk […]