80 Day Obsession and a little running

I’m a little behind again so I will try to catch up quickly! I’ve been doing a new workout program called 80 Day Obsession since May 7. It’s strength training and two days of cardio. I’ve noticed I burn just as many calories on cardio days as I do running about three miles. Jodi, @my.kind.of.fit on Instagram, and I decided to start this workout together and be accountability partners.

Day 1–Total Body Core I wore my new @crosstrainingcouture tank from one of my favorite Scriptures “Iron Sharpens Iron.” Proverbs 27:17 It’s not easy starting a new workout and I am thankful to have a friend doing this with me. She lives several hours away, but we are able to text and check in with each other. I also joined a Facebook group doing the same workout. Some are on different days and some are doing other workouts from Beachbody. Being in community with other women helps so much! Total Body Core is a full body workout with core exercises either using weights, slides, and resistance bands. You need all of this equipment on this day.

Day 2–Booty

Oh my goodness I was so sore on this day from lifting weights. I could hardly get out of bed! It’s been a long time since I’ve done any type of workout like this! I LOVED the booty workout. All you need are your bands and it’s low impact. I worked every part of the glute! It’s one of my favorites. Both the Total Body Core and Booty workouts take about an hour.

Day 3–Cardio Core

I did not expect to like this workout because I love running so much, but I did! This is a HIIT workout but you are always moving for 30 minutes. 30 seconds of a slightly easier exercise then 30 seconds hard (three rounds) then a core exercise using the slides. I was able to do everything but the last core exercise. I had to drop because I couldn’t hold myself up anymore! My shoulders HURT!

Day 4–AAA (Arms, Abs, A$$)

This is a great workout too using all of your equipment. On Cardio days you just need slides or nothing at all. My arms were so shaky from the pushups. So… many… pushups and I cannot do tricep pushups at all. Only on my knees!

Day 5–2 mile run and Leg Day

I had not run all week so I decided to do a short run to warm up before leg day. Leg day was tough, but I was able to do all the exercises. The Buddha squats were the hardest for me and oh how I still do not like lunges! I smiled here because it was Friday and I always get cheese fries on Fridays and my son’s baseball games hee hee.

Saturday Day 6–Cardio Flow

No equipment needed here! You start with inch worms, then Spider-Man pushups and start over, then add another exercise like squat jumps, then start from the top. You get it. It ends up being 9 exercises and once you reach 9, you repeat the sequence again two more times! Whew! People love the inch worms, but I do not. If I have to crawl back down on my floor… one… more… time! Ugh!!

But I did it and made it through week one!

Day 7–Stretch and Foam Roll

And it was Mother’s Day! Squinting in the sun Mother’s Day picture!

Mother’s Day last week was the beginning of the longest, busiest week of my life.. I mean of the year or so it seemed. We had a baseball tournament Monday and Tuesday night, dance recital rehearsal Wednesday night, 15th wedding anniversary Thursday (we stayed home because we were exhausted), and dance recital yesterday. Whew! I did somehow get all of my workouts in.

Day 8–Total Body Core

The week before we did 15 reps of everything and two rounds. So last week was 10 reps of everything and 3 rounds. It moved a lot faster and I could tell I was much stronger than the week before.

Day 9–three mile run and Booty

I was just glad I felt like running again. I was so sore the week before, I didn’t feel like running at all. One of the glute exercises with resistance band. Just lift the leg up slightly from here. Toes pointed down.

Later that night my son and Coach Daddy ended their first coach pitch season. We won one game and lost two at the tournament. We’ve spent a lot of nights at the baseball field over the last few months! Cayne even got a home run the last night!

Day 10--Cardio Core

37 minute workout burning almost 300 calories! Woo hoo!

Day 11–AAA

This was May 17, our 15th wedding anniversary. Hubby had to go to work for most of the day but came home and cooked us steak. This was the first night we were able to have dinner as a family at home in over a week!

Day 12–two mile run one mile walk and Leg Day

This was Friday and I could tell my knee was a little cranky. I managed Leg Day using lighter weights plus breaks in between trying to shoot a snake swimming in our lake. I felt fine after the workout.

Day 13–Global 6k for Clean Water and Cardio Flow

This is where I “royally” messed up. I say “royally” because it was “Royal Wedding Day” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I signed up to run the Global 6k for Clean Water sponsored by World Vision. I got a bib with the child who would benefit from clean water, shirt, and medal. Meet Nkatumba! She is 8 years old and lives in Ghana. She likes playing games and her favorite subject is math! I hope to sponsor her from now on. There is still time to sign up if you would like to help a child get life changing clean water for to https://www.worldvision.org/

I wanted to run 5 miles but stopped at 4.5 and walked home. My knee was really bothering me. I came home to rest and did the Cardio Flow workout. This hurt my knee even more so I ended up icing it. The ice helped but I had so many errands to run, I didn’t get to rest it like I should have. When we got home, I was able to rest and watch the Royal Wedding. Wasn’t it amazing?

Sunday–rest and Addy’s dance recital

She danced beautifully! Walking around in heels and up and down stairs to help her get ready didn’t do my knee any favors.

So I’m missing a Monday today and Day 14 of 80 Day Obsession. The pain that started inside my knee has moved up my inner thigh. I will have to rest until it feels better. I am so sad because I could tell I was getting stronger after strength training for three weeks. Even in this picture, I can tell a difference. But if I can’t do the workout full out, there is no sense in doing it at all. I also don’t want to injure myself any further.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for catching up with me! After my oldest daughter’s class night tonight, things will slow down for us! I am linking up with Wendy and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

13 thoughts on “80 Day Obsession and a little running

  1. That 80 day obsession sounds tough!! I used to love lunges but my knees no longer like them. I need to do them tho!!

    I loved the royal wedding and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    Have a great week.

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  2. I have never liked lunges, but for me it’s more of a balance issue. I can do walking lunges, but just lunging and holding…no can do. I totally didn’t even think of the royal wedding until after the fact (I had an early morning run). I did catch some of the footage on the tv after I got home from runnng. I loved her dress!

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  3. Ugh I’m sorry for your knee pain! The 80-day obsession sounds like a great workout – hopefully you’ll be able to get back to it soon. I watched the highlights from the Royal Wedding on BBC America – it was a beautiful ceremony and I loved her dress!


  4. Great work! Please be careful that you don’t hurt yourself further!

    i hate those sliders and I hate inchworms. I am too uncoordinated for the first and quite frankly, I am too tall for the latter. It takes me FOREVER to get all the way down and then another FOREVER to get back up. It’s pretty annoying LOL.

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  5. That sounds like an intense program. But, my elbow couldn’t hang with the pushups and probably other upper body exercises. I’ve already had one steroid shot. I hope your knee is better soon. May is a crazy month for most of us…but I think you win the award. 😉 Happy Anniversary. Thanks for linking.

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