Weekly Recap: Snow Days and Marathon Training!

I’m a couple of weeks behind on my blogging so I will “run” through my training since the First Light Half Marathon on January 13.

We had another Snow Day in South Mississippi on Wednesday, January 17! Not only were the kids out for MLK the Monday before, but they only went to school half a day on Tuesday for the whole week. As much as I love having my babies home, it threw off my marathon training a little bit. This was my view of the snow off my front porch. So beautiful! My first run EVER in the snow! I got out later that Wednesday to see if I could run through it and I made it 4 miles! So much fun!! Snow on my running shoes. Who knows when we’ll have snow again?! This was my first run after First Light. Sometimes Sunday races throw off my week a little bit plus the kids were home from school and my weekend was full of pageant dress shopping for both my girls (we are officially broke now, haha) and a birthday party to plan. I made it to the gym Thursday the 18th then 10 miles on Friday. I was supposed to run 15, but my weekend was packed and I did not feel recovered from my half marathon. Snow was still on the ground!

I took my two daughters to Meridian that weekend to buy pageant dresses. I text Tricia @missippipiddlin to see if she wanted to meet us for lunch and she said she was free! I got to meet her beautiful daughter, Madison, as well! Lunch at Weidmann’s after pageant dress shopping success! I sure do love my fellow red headed running friend!

Sunday was Addy’s 11th Birthday Party so here is how my week went last week.

Monday: 5 miles My mileage has gone up since last week, but I missed my midweek long run. I had lunch plans Tuesday with a friend of mine.

Tuesday: 5 miles Supposed to be 8 but only had time for 5.

Wednesday: Happy 11th Birthday Addy!! Rest Day

Thursday: I decided since I was all fueled up from Addy’s birthday dinner that I would go ahead and knock out my 15 mile long run. And guess what… Glory to God I did it!!! I climbed 28 flights according to my Apple Watch, but I didn’t care. I was crying happy tears here. This is my longest run in 3 years. I’m starting to actually believe I CAN run the Shamrock Marathon and that I will do pretty well! So many hills, but surprisingly, I was not sore at all the next day! Woo hoo!!

We had family pictures made Friday right in our front yard. We are blessed to have a lake there and they turned out so beautiful!This one is my favorite.

I had a busy weekend, but Aubrynn’s soccer game got cancelled Saturday so I made it out for lunch time 3.4 miles in the rain. Oh, and I might have already registered for my third marathon at St. Jude in Memphis. I may have lost my mind!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for letting me catch up, I know it was a lot and it’s okay if you didn’t read it all wink wink. I am linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap!

25 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Snow Days and Marathon Training!

  1. I kind of like that you got that snow for a day and the next day it was warm enough to run in a tank! Sounds perfect to me!

    Yes, I am running Mercedes in Birmingham! Will you come?

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  2. All the southern temperatures have been fluctuating like crazy! We haven’t had snow, but it sure has been cold enough. Brrr.

    You’ve totally got this marathon! And all the others to follow! Just keep on doing what you’re doing and you’ll be there before you know it!

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  3. I love the reflective photo of your family – beautifully done! Having kids at home unplanned does interrupt the flow of my day as well and I don’t usually get a run in unless if they agree to go to the Y with me where there’s childcare. Happy Birthday to your daughter Addy!


  4. I’ve never run in the snow either, so I’m totally jealous of you! We usually only get a light dusting here, but I’m beginning to wonder if that will happen at all this year.

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  5. How fun that you were able to lunch with Tricia while in Meridian. You’ll have to show us the pageant dresses you selected. Congrats on the 15 mile run. It sounds like your training is going well. How long of a break will you have between your 2nd and 3rd marathon (PS sounds like something I’d do!)? The family photo with the lake reflection is awesome! Thanks for linking.

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  6. wow a lot to catch up on but it looks like the last couple of weeks have been great! crazy weather times though if you ask me! how cool you got to meet up with Tricia and her daughter! Happy (late) birthday to your daughter 🙂

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