Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018!! 2017 had a lot of ups and downs, but it was a great running year for me:

5–5k’s with one first place AG win!


1–12k and a PR!

4–Half Marathons with my fastest half of the year Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon 2:19:37

Here is one of my favorite race pictures of the year from the Team Run 4 the Kids 5k last July. This is the only 5k I train for and my goal was to win first place in my age group. I did it!! I also had a course record after running this race two years before with a time of 27:25. That’s pretty impressive to me because July is one of the hottest months of the year down south. My favorite race pictures are the ones where I’m not looking and focusing on that finish line! So 92.68 miles in December which was my highest mileage month of the year and 824.78 miles for 2017. I will take it since I had a major setback having abdominal partial hysterectomy surgery August 18. I am still not where I was physically before surgery and I am currently marathon training for the Shamrock Marathon in VA Beach March 18. It has been really difficult getting all of my runs in for the week, but last week was successful! I am now following Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Training plan.

Tuesday Dec. 26: 4 miles I had a great day after Christmas run!

Wednesday: midweek long run–7 miles This run was a lot tougher because of the cold and rain. My legs were super stiff and my pace was about 11:02 which was frustrating. I like to at least get in the 10’s for longish runs but it didn’t happen.

Thursday: 4 miles Still cold and light rain, but my pace was so much better! Funny how some runs don’t go so well and others go perfectly. 10:15 average pace plus plenty of hills is a huge improvement post surgery.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 14 mile long run with my friend Katherine @irunthislife

I had already attempted 14 the week before and only made it to 11. It was so much warmer and it’s so hilly around my neighborhood. I had no tummy issues and my mental game was great, but it felt like I hit a wall. My legs were done at 11. So I texted my friend Katherine to see if she would like to run with me. At first she said no because she’s training on trails but Saturday morning she texted me and asked to run with me. I was SO excited to have a running partner for such long mileage. We had a late start but, the weather was thankfully much cooler and we finished 14 miles! Praise the Lord!! I was SO exhausted after this run, but so glad I had Katherine with me to push through the pain. This is my longest run in three years. Now, I remember why I have not run a marathon in nearly three years. I went home, ate a grilled cheese sandwich and took a nap. Once I slept a little while I felt much better. I think I got a little dehydrated and my feet were covered in blisters.

So far for 2018, I ran 4 miles on New Year’s Day in the cold and wind. Jumping into 2018!!

I’ve been trying to spend some one on one time with each of my daughters before they go back to school. Yesterday I spent the day with my oldest daughter and we had so much fun. Today is my middle daughter’s turn so I’m skipping my midweek long run to be with her. I may try to run this evening at the gym or tomorrow. I have 15 miles planned for Friday since my oldest has soccer on Saturday.

My only goal so far for 2018 is to finish marathon number 2! I’ve tried so many times to train for two other marathons and ended up either dropping to the half of DNS. I really want to follow through this year and not let fear get the best of me. Sometimes to face our fears, we have to do things afraid.

What are your 2018 goals? What kind of socks help prevent blisters? I wear Pro Compression socks and wool socks. I’ve never had this much trouble with blisters covering my toes in almost 5 years of running. What socks do you wear?? Hope y’all have a great day and Happy New Year!


16 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. UGH to the blisters! I wear SmartWool socks for all of my long distance runs. I get blisters, though, under my toe nails…seldom ever a black toe nail, but the nail “lifts” just enough for fluid to drain underneath, leaving a weird “white” toe nail and usually a blister on the tip of my second and third toes. My shoes are big enough and the toe box is plenty wide, so I think it’s the way I grip my toes that is causing the issue (I’ve had this happen with different brands of shoes, so I know there’s not one perfect brand that will solve it for me). It’s not a deal breaker, but a frustrating issue LOL

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  2. What a great year you have had! Wishing you health and blessings in the coming year to help get you through your marathon! I’m not sure what to advise on the blisters as I’ve never had them from running. Are you sure it’s the socks? Maybe your shoes are too loose and there is too much rubbing. Have you tried Body Glide or some similar products? I wear Nike Dri-fit socks when I run.

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  3. I”ve got to admit that I have never had blisters. I’ve had black toenails and other maladies. I’m really good about my sock choices (I do love those injinji toe socks or smart wool) and I make sure my shoes are a size bigger than my normal shoes so there’s plenty of room.

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  4. Happy New year! Nice recap! And I would love to have a running partner for the long run! That’s the biggest hurdle I have – running double digits alone!
    I don’t have any defined goals just yet – I’m taking it week by week at the moment. In general, I’d like to drop about 18lbs so that I can run better. I also have two races I’m signed up for so far but would like to add more. And a general goal I have is to get my finances in better shape. Hopefully in a few months’ time I’ll be better at budgeting and saving a bit more.
    I wear Procompression and Falke socks. I have had issues with blisters but I think it’s my feet that are the problem! I have also tried injiji toe socks which are fine but I tend to stick to my PC’s the most.

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  5. How great that Katherine was able to join you for a run!! A running buddy does make the longer runs somewhat better!!

    2 Toms makes a blister powder that you sprinkle in your socks beforehand, that may be worth a try?? I have not seen it in any local stores, but I have ordered it online.

    Happy New Year!!


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