Beach, Running, and Reality 

My week started off splendidly with a two day getaway to Destin Florida with my hubby! We knew if we didn’t take a trip now, it probably wouldn’t happen. We have not been on a trip just the two of us in a year and a half. With three children, it’s hard to find time to ourselves. My love, my soul mate for nearly 15 years! Sunset on Monday night. 

We headed home Tuesday and I promised my husband I wouldn’t pout. The beach is my happy place and we had a busy schedule waiting on us at home. I knew I would not be able to run Wednesday or Thursday morning so I ran Tuesday evening. This run felt like I had been at the beach eating too much and drinking wine for two days 😆🤢. 

Wednesday: My son had a two and a half hour vision therapy session in Hattiesburg. He has been struggling in school and will have to go to therapy once a week for the next several months. We are hoping his new glasses and visual therapy will bring his grades up. Cayne’s new glasses 👓 

I ran the Flex it Pink virtual 5k Run for the bOObies later Wednesday afternoon. It was HOT and I struggled through it. By this time I was not feeling well having to rush to Cayne’s therapy and back home, pick our girls up from school and take them to church. I squeezed the 5k in while the girls were at church and went straight to pick them up after I was done. My side started hurting and I’m guessing it was my kidney stone acting up 🙄.  ER doc discovered I had a stone back in May and as far as I know it’s still there. My nurse practitioner said I may feel pain if I am dehydrated so that made sense. I was probably dehydrated from our trip and not drinking enough water after two hot runs. 

Thursday: Cayne had a field trip to Seward Farms Corn Maze. He had a great time! 

By the time I got home from the field trip, I wasn’t feeling well again. My chest was so tight and I was having trouble taking a deep breath. Still have no idea what caused it, but I missed my daughter dancing at their championship football game. I was so upset. I bet I cried a full 24 hours over missing her game. I felt like I disappointed my daughter. I am 9 weeks post abdominal surgery and had to miss two other games recovering. The last thing I want to do is let anybody down, but even 9 weeks later, I still get tired easily. 

Friday: I rested Friday morning and Cayne’s teacher called and said he was complaining about his stomach hurting. I picked him up from school  and he did have upset stomach twice. By this time, I was completely exhausted. My mom let Cayne spend the night and the girls went to work with their Daddy. I got in 2.25 evening miles.   

Saturday: 5 miles wearing my new St. Jude Hero Training shirt! It was slow, but I was so happy! I am going to try and build up my mileage to get ready for the St. Jude Half Marathon Dec. 2. 

13.35 miles logged for the week, but zero strength training. Hopefully I can get back on schedule this week. 

How was your week? Ever feel like you can’t quite keep up? I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 


14 thoughts on “Beach, Running, and Reality 

  1. I seriously always feel like I’m playing catch-up…and we’re down to just one child at home now. I’m right there with you, trying to log the miles and increase my long-distance runs….shaking my head at how crazy my paces are (either much faster than they seem, or much slower LOL)

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  2. I’ve never heard of vision therapy. Other than wearing glasses, what does that entail? Your training is coming along nicely. I think you’ll find as the weather cools, it will feel easier too. Being a life long beach bum, it is always hard to return home to the daily grind. Thanks for linking!

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  3. So glad you got some alone time with hubby! Well deserved – love my kids to bits but that time away just helps to reboot/ re-energise you! Hope you are feeling a bit better – remember we sometimes just can’t squeeze it all in, and its okay. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment so that’s what I am trying to tell myself too.

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  4. What a gorgeous view of the sunset over the beach, just wow! You know I can’t get enough of these scenes. I’ve enjoyed your getaway play out on IG and FB this past week. I can only imagine how much prep it takes to get away with 3 kids. But hey they are getting old enough where mama and daddy can do this more often.
    Great week for you even though you were busy. You’ll be ready for St. Jude for sure!

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