Weekly Recap: Just Running 

Last week seems so long ago! I managed to run 4 days and log about 16 miles. I have been resting on Mondays lately. Sundays I have to get up early for church so they are not rest days. Monday we took a short boat ride on the lake. You can see our house in the distance. Can you spot the green tin roof? One is our pier!

Tuesday: Ah, the dreaded fartlek run. I didn’t do much of anything when we were at the beach so it was time to do some speedwork. I found the flattest route possible in my neighborhood and ran three miles with fartleks. I was really happy and excited about my time! My splits were close to the same each mile and mile 3 is a slow climb uphill. It is super tough! I have a 5k next month and I think I will do really well. Later Tuesday afternoon, I took my girls to see Wonder Woman. We loved it! 

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4 miles in under 40 minutes again! Can you tell how hot and humid it is down south! I look like I’ve had a shower after my runs lately! I have also been participating in a yoga challenge this month. Here is one of my favorite poses, Warrior II! 

Friday: Our brick men showed up at the house super early. My stepdad built us a swing for our pier and I’ve enjoyed sitting and drinking my coffee on it. It’s my new prayer spot! The brick men came started making a lot of noise, I took my prayer time to the road for a 5k!My legs were pretty tired by this day, but my pace is so much faster than it was last summer! 

Saturday: 5 miles because it was too hot for anything more. Since it’s been so humid, I have not run over 5 miles in the last couple weeks. And Saturday’s yoga pose was another favorite, Triangle pose! 

Sunday was Father’s Day so I woke up early to make my husband a cream cheese danish, his favorite, and we all went to church. My FIL and my Mom and Stepdad came over later that evening to eat ribs and pulled pork sandwiches with all the fixings. We had a great day! 

Tropical Storm Cindy is hitting us hard. Our lake is really high! How was your week last week? I am missing the sunshine! I am linking up with Ann MarieNicole, and Jen for Wild Workout Wednesday and RachelLacey, and Meranda for Friday Five! 


11 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Just Running 

  1. Oh, I’d love a swing like that! We used to have a porch swing, but did some renovating a few years ago…and converted our front porch to kind of a “walk-through” from the new driveway…so the swing got taken down and made into bench ;-(

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