Weekly Recap: Beach Trip

I had a great week because we finally were able to go on vacation as a family! We headed to Orange Beach Sunday and came home Thursday. We had the best time and I did manage to get in a few miles for the week. 

Monday: Two mile barefoot beach run. 

I got up early to run on the beach and my daughter planned on running on the treadmill in our condo’s fitness center. I left my shoes with her because she forgot hers. She started running again the week before to prepare for summer soccer practices. Running on the beach is hard and I hurt my ankle three years ago running barefoot on the beach lol. Aubrynn text to tell me the fitness center was locked so I ran back to meet her and we ran one mile together. We spent the rest of the day watching the kids swim and I read a running book I had started and never finished by Jen A. Miller called “Running: A Love Story.” I love to read and would like to read more books this summer and stay off social media. My daughters both bought books to read at the beach too. Swoon! 

Tuesday: I helped Aubrynn do her sit-ups required for soccer and did 10 push-ups with her. We spent time on the beach and the kids swam in the pool again. We went to The Wharf where Jimmy Buffett was putting on a concert. The kiddos got to see a lot of Parrot Heads 😂. 

Wednesday: Two mile beach run for Global Running Day! I must admit after I took this picture, I tripped and fell in the sand trying to take one of those cute running selfies! 😂😂😂 I mean, I tripped and landed on my hands and knees. I had a good bit of wine the night before so will blame it on that! Glad no one was out on the beach to see me fall. I couldn’t stop laughing! Happy National/Global Running Day! By this day, the kids were tired so they didn’t spend much time at the pool. We ate at a new Oyster restaurant and took a family picture when we left. It would have been such a great picture but the gnats were getting Cayne! 😆 

Thursday: time to go home and the sun finally made an appearance. That’s usually what happens right? It had been a gloomy, dreary trip, but we still had a great time and I was sad to go home. 

Friday: I ran my fastest 4 mile run around my neighborhood for the year! It has taken me a long time to get my pace back in the 9’s running all these hills where I live! I was so happy and wore my new tank from @staygreatmygirl with my favorite Scripture, Isaiah 40:31. 

Saturday: I have run 6 miles the last couple of Saturdays so I decided to run 5 and call it a week. I ran 5 miles in under 50 minutes with negative splits! Woo hoo!! The weather was cooler so I didn’t get so tired Friday and Saturday, but I did sweat a whole lot more on Saturday. Jumping for joy!! It has taken me over a year to get my pace back in the 9’s and I couldn’t be happier especially since the weather is warmer. Last year after all my heart trouble, I had to slow way down mainly because I was afraid. My progress has been very slow, but now I can see all the hard work I’ve put in is paying off! 

How was your week? Did you get to run on National Running Day? I ended up with 14 miles for the week so I’ll take it! I am linking up with TriciaHolly, and guest host Kim for the Weekly Wrap! 


20 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Beach Trip

  1. I love that you stayed active while on vacation. The barefoot beach run sounds amazing! It looks like you had an amazing, beautiful vacation! Congrats on your Saturday run! It’s always such a great confidence booster when you can hit paces that you haven’t seen in a while. Looks like your summer running is off to a great start!

    Thanks for linking up for the Weekly Wrap!

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  2. Love the beach pics! Brings back memories of all the family trips we took when the kiddos were small.

    Congratulations on getting that pace back! Way to go! It’s crazy how easy it is to lose your speed but it takes soooo long to get it back. I think at the age of 50 …I’ve lost mine forever! Hahaha But I’m still moving 🙂

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  3. Looks like a great week and a fun trip to the beach! I love running on the beach but Ive never done a full run barefoot (just strides). Isn’t it fun to run around taking selfies and falling down in the sand when no one else can see?! 🙂

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  4. Sounds like such a fun week! We went to Cape Cod last year and it was so much fun. We don’t live anywhere near a beach (unless you count Lake Erie) but we love going!!

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  5. I haven’t been to the beach yet this year and am having serious cravings! Last year I went on my birthday and it rained (of course), but still, any day at the beach is a good day in my book. Glad you had a great trip! 🙂

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  6. Your beach vacay looks fabulous despite the weather. How wonderful to have the family together. That is the best You are so funny falling during your run selfie! You are in a very good place with your running. I’m excited for what the future holds for you!

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