Weekly Recap: Running with my best friend 

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to our military who have served and currently serve and for those who have lost their lives fighting for our great country. 

Monday Memorial Day 🇺🇸: My very best friend, Ragan, came home from Alaska for her nephew’s high school graduation! She has been consistently running in Kodiak, Alaska for a year now and she wanted to meet me for a run while she was in town! I was SO excited! I had not seen her in three years but we have managed to keep in touch while she’s been in Alaska with her husband and three children. Ragan’s husband is in the coast guard so they have to move around a lot. Anyway, she wanted to meet early Monday morning in our hometown. I live about 30 minutes away now since we’ve moved to the lake. I was so happy to see her and we ran 4 miles together laughing and talking. It rained the whole time! It was awesome! We have been best friends for over 20 years. People used to say we were twins in high school. We cheered together and played soccer together. We were also college roommates! Now she shares a love for running like I do and she is super fast. Both half marathons she’s raced in 2:01:??. I told her she is close to a sub 2 half! I had been working on my pace just to be able to keep up with her lol! Our Monday run together. 9:34 average pace is hard for me! We chatted for awhile and it kept raining so we both headed home. My family and I and some friends enjoyed a day on the lake kayaking, tubing and riding our friend’s jet ski! Such a fun day on the water and we were thankful the rain held off.

Tuesday: I slept in and ran 2 miles with fartleks at 9:14 pace! 

Wednesday: Ragan and I decided to meet up again and we ran 4 miles again! I had a hair appointment at 10:30 so we chatted until it was time for me to go. It was so nice to see her twice and that she fit in time for me. She was only here for a week :(. Ragan is safely back home in Kodiak and I am praying a spot will open up closer to home in October. 

Thursday: After three days of running in a row, I took a rest day. My daughters and I met up with my other best friend and her girls for her birthday! Bethany celebrated her 38th birthday and it had been a couple months since we’ve seen each other. What a great week with my two besties! Bethany and I split a Presidente Margarita at Chili’s! 

Friday: Rest. We had a beach trip planned so I spent the day doing laundry. 

Saturday: 6 mile long run. Y’all it has rained down in south Mississippi all… week… long. This run was hot, humid and of course started raining on me at the end. I wish I could say it was refreshing, but I’m tired of getting water logged lol. My pace was faster than my 6 mile run the weekend before, but harder. I was exhausted after this and my legs are even sore today from climbing hills I guess? Whew! 

Sunday: We have arrived at the beach and will stay here until Thursday. The sun is shining for now! 

How was your week? Ever have a best friend take up running? Who is your best running friend? I am linking up with Tricia and Holly and guest host Mary Beth for the Weekly Wrap! 


10 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Running with my best friend 

  1. How fun to catch up with old friends! That is priceless. My BRF was visiting here from Colorado last week. It was so great to see her. Love that pic of your kiddos in the kayaks. Still one more day of school here for my 5th grader!

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