Weekly Recap

Most of you know we spent last weekend in Pensacola for soccer and my daughter ended up suffering from a severe knee injury last Saturday. I woke up early Sunday morning on Mother’s Day, took the elevator down to the hotel lobby and fixed myself a cup of half caff and half decaf coffee. I walked out of the back door and immediately just lost it. I cried as I made my way down to the beach and sat down close to the water. Coffee and beach therapy.

I prayed and talked to God, well mostly sobbed to God. I was glad not many people were out wondering what the heck was wrong with me. Who cries at the beach?? I think it was a lot of things and more than just my daughter’s knee injury. May has been such a busy month and I have felt very overwhelmed trying to keep up with my three kids and all of their activities, my duties as a wife, mother, housework, and even my little job as a fitness instructor seemed to add to my stress. I had chest pains all weekend while we were in Pensacola. Was it my MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) acting up? Was it stress? Who knows. Chest pains are one of the many symptoms. Stress makes my heart problem flare up. I went for close to a two mile walk on the beach and it helped me feel better. I had a special morning with my husband and kids when I went back to the room, but I was heartbroken over what happened to my daughter. We ate lunch at Peg Leg Petes with my mom, stepdad, and MIL, watched the last game which her team lost and went home. Once we made it home, I started feeling better. 

Monday: rest, Addy’s 4th grade graduation. Where we live, junior high starts in 5th grade so Addy will go to the big school with her sister in August. My sweet family. Aubrynn was wearing her knee brace.

Tuesday: rest, Addy’s 4th grade field trip to New Orleans. 

Wednesday: Happy 14th wedding anniversary to me and hubby! I went for a quick 4 mile run while he took the kids to school. It was warm, but it felt great to get out and run!

Christopher and I went on a date that night to the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi. We had a little TOO much fun, but we never get to go anywhere just the two of us. Date nights are rare with three kiddos. We laughed and had the best time. 

Thursday: rest because I may have had a slight hangover for the first time in a LONG time. Can I share that here?? Kids last day of school!! Woo hoo!

Friday: 5.3 mile hot and humid run, but it felt great! My pace is slowing down thanks to the heat, but I don’t mind. I’m not training for anything right now. 

Saturday: another humid 4 mile run and this one was super tough. I feel like I caught up on some mileage for the week though. 

Sunday: We have been at Addy’s dance recital all day. We left our house at 8 this morning and didn’t get back until 7 tonight! She danced so beautifully though. She is a joy to watch. It seemed like the whole week was all about her lol! She is all done with elementary school! 

Update on my daughter Aubrynn who had the knee injury. She is almost walking without a limp and ditched her crutches today. She is SO much better and happy to say she made the Wildcat High School soccer team again! She showed up to tryouts on Tuesday and my husband spoke with her coach. I was so thankful she made the team even with an injury. 

I ended up with 15.1 miles for the week if I count my beach walk. I did not teach any of my classes last week with my busy schedule. I will teach this week and take off for summer. 

How was your week? Are your kids out of school? What are your summer goals? I am linking up with WendyTricia, and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 

18 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. I think the beach is a great place to let it all out in a good cry. Very cathartic. It’s just that time of year when so much hits the fan. This too shall pass. Glad you got out for a special date night. We are guilty as charged for not doing that nearly enough. Don’t give your slowing pace a second thought in the heat. As long as your heart is working in the right zone you are reaping training benefits!

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  2. Love your dress! I think the beach is probably a great place to just let yourself cry/let it out. For me, it would be a hike in the woods or heck, in my car, haha!
    School doesn’t let out until June 30th here (starts back in Sept), so we have another month to go!

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  3. I’ve actually eaten at Peg Leg Pete’s LOL (many years ago). Life can get crazy! My April’s have been nutzo since forever with Prom Committee obligations, Dance Recital, and we’ve had graduation stuff for the past few years for our kids (high school for one, then high school for the other, and now the college graduations have started LOL )Oh! and let’s not forget the unexpected injuries, family emergencies and marathon training. I’m actually looking forward to May winding down because the bulk of my “stuff” will taper off (after my marathon). Maybe I need an afternoon at a beach 😉 Hang in there…. ((hugs))

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  4. It’s good that you took the time to yourself, to walk, pray and cry. We tend to push through and that’s not healthy. So glad your daughter is feeling better and made the team. Happy Anniversary!

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  5. Happy anniversary! I’m so glad your daughter is feeling better and made the team for next year! That’s great and I’m sure it was a huge boost after what happened!

    Our last day of school is Wednesday, and I don’t know that we are ready. Little man loves school, and he doesn’t want the year to end LOL! The first few weeks of summer are always an adjustment for him, but we plan on having lots of fun.

    Hope you guys have a great summer as well!

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  6. I’m so sorry you had a little breakdown on the beach. Sometimes stress just makes us vulnerable. You are doing the absolute best you can for yourself and your family. Give yourself a little break now and again.

    Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a good time -even if it was *too* good! I know that feeling. We don’t drink much these days AT ALL but occasionally we let loose!

    my week was exhausting. I haven’t been able to sleep lately.


  7. Things can get crazy in a real hurry! Good that you know to slow down and take some time for yourself, no shame in that game! Sounds like the week ended great and look at you and the hubby! You two dress up nice! Happy Anniversary!


  8. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s injury, but the coffee and beach therapy sounds like it helped quite a bit. Congrats on your anniversary. Loved your outfit! It’s OK to have a little too much fun sometimes. 🙂

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