Weekly Recap

Today is the last day of April! I had a mileage goal to run 80 miles this month and I came up a little short. I’ve been battling a sinus headache and sore throat since Thursday. I sure hope May is nicer than April was to me! Here is how my week went..

Monday: 2.2 mile walk and full body workout at my class. I knew I needed about 22 miles to catch up and meet my goal so I tried to start the week off right. I walked most of the distance, but did jog down the hills.

Right before going to work, I received some sad news about my son. He failed a test for dyslexia. He’s only in Kindergarten and my two daughters never took a test for dyslexia at that age. My husband and I ended up meeting with Cayne’s teacher and she thinks he is okay. He is not doing well in Language mostly because he doesn’t care about school. Anyway, I admit I had a hard time taking the news and cried all the way to my class where I’m supposed to be perky and upbeat. I managed to pull it together and had a great class. 

Tuesday: I ran my fastest 4 mile run of the year! I think my new Fellow Flowers tank “I am the Storm” gave me some motivation especially after the news about my son. At class I wrote numbers and a cardio exercise by each number 0-9. The ladies had to do an exercise for each number according to their birthdate. It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday: I ran 5 miles and could tell I was tired. I’m always tired by “hump” day after running and teaching two classes. Plus Cayne has Tball games Mondays and Thursdays. I was on pace to run negative splits but my legs were DONE during the last mile. I finished mile 5 at 10:45. TIRED. 

Thursday: I ran 3 more miles trying to catch up and meet my mileage goal. I woke up with a headache and the temps were really warm so I took it slow. 

By Friday I was feeling pretty yucky with a headache and sore throat. I could tell it was just sinus drainage so I rested. Saturday, the kids and I went to Relay for Life which is a festival for cancer survivors. Our praise band from church sang too! Me and my girls, Addy and Aubrynn enjoying Relay for Life! Fun fact: I am a worship leader at my church. I’ve been singing with most of this group for almost 7 years. Singing for the Lord is my passion. I know God gave me this gift of worship to glorify Him and He gave me running to help with my anxiety. My head is clear when I worship and when I’m running. It’s a beautiful thing! 

I ended up logging 72.5 miles for the month of April. I admit I am a little disappointed because I feel behind on my 1000 mile goal for the year. However, summer break is coming up soon for the kids and things won’t be so rushed and hectic around here. I’m really excited about running half marathon number sweet 16 on Saturday! The Magnolia Meltdown Half Marathon in Ridgeland. So let’s get May started off with a bang shall we?? How was your month? When is your next race?

I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

32 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. I can imagine how upsetting hearing that news about Cayne was, but I’ll bet he does just fine. I wouldn’t sweat the mileage shortfall too much. Like you said, once summer is here and the schedule settles down, it’ll be easier for you to get the miles in. You and your girls are so beautiful!


  2. You had a great month considering your kidney stone and all that! I didn’t realize they tested for dyslexia at school – did they suggest a follow-up with a dr? regardless, I’m sure you will work out what’s best for him. The Magnolia Melt Down is a great name for a race – hope it’s not too hot!

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  3. I’m sure that was so hard to hear about Cayne, but the good news is that the earlier they figure it out, the better he’ll do! I see a lot of kids in my clinic with school issues and in a way, you’re lucky they found out so early–the wheels of extra help will be in motion! Hang in there Katie, he’s going to be fine!

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  4. Sorry to hear about your son’s test, that would make me upset as well. The good news is that they identified it now rather then later on. And if it turns out to not be the case then at least he’ll have some extra help in the mean time.

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  5. It is always hard to learn less than stellar news about a loved one. But this is also good news! Now he can get the proper guidance and really reach the potential that you know is within him!

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  6. I’m envious of your singing voice! I love music and enjoy “trying” to sing, but it usually sounds quite nasty LOL But, I am so thankful for being blessed with my artgeek abilities 😉 I have done a lot of artwork for my church over the years (as well as other local endeavors) and I’m honored to give back to my community.

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    1. Yes we have talked with several people and his teachers. They said he’s reading so well that he may not have it. I don’t know much about dyslexia so will have to educate myself. I know he will be okay. He’s a smart little boy.


  7. It is a beautiful thing! Keep up the miles and your singing! Your little guy will be fine- kind of early in the game for him and he may be bored. Boys……

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  8. How wonderful you are part of your church’s praise band. I simply can’t imagine a life without music (I’d so be on that keyboard!). I wonder the same thing as MB. Perhaps Cayne is not being challenged enough? Regardless, I’m sure you will find the right resources. Good luck at the Magnolia Meltdown. I hope isn’t doesn’t live up to its name. Thanks for linking, Katie!

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  9. Im sorry that you were upset by the news about your son. I think its better to know early so he can get the appropriate help, but hopefully it doesn’t become an issue for him. He is still young and there can be so many other factors involved. Great job with your workouts this week!

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  10. I can only imagine how you felt when you found out about your son. But at least you’re armed with the knowledge now so it’s not a lifelong impairment going forward.

    Great workouts this week, girl!

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  11. Wishing you luck at your race on Saturday! I have half marathon #11 in Colorado on Sunday so I’m not too far behind you!! Sorry about your son! Mine has been struggling in school too and we only want what’s best so it’s even harder to see the flounder. Good luck!!

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  12. I wouldn’t put too much stock into the tests just yet, maybe he just doesn’t test well. Hope it all works out fine. Great week for you 80 miles is a lot, in order to meet my yearly goal I’ve got to run about 71. Even with my most raced month I just did make it. Not sure how it’s going to pan out this summer.
    Have you thought anymore about Vegal?

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