April Runfessions

It’s that time of the month to get a few things off my chest and RUNFESS! 

This month started off really well with a strong 5k race, but by the next week, I was in the ER as most of y’all know and the CT Scan showed I have a new friend called a Kidney Stone. I RUNfess that I named it “Bertha” and mom named it “Jezebel.” Lol. I am trying to run 1000 miles by the end of the year and Bertha plus a UTI caused some setbacks. I even had to close my fitness class for a week.  I had a couple of short mileage weeks and currently at 72.5 miles for the month. My goal was to run 80 and I runfess, I don’t think I am going to make it. I’ve been back to teaching my classes for the last two weeks plus trying to catch up on my miles plus my wife and motherly duties… I am exhausted. 

I haven’t been sleeping well since the whole Kidney stone incident. I am taking a full rest day today. 

I runfess I have been splurging on running gear I don’t need. I have been so stressed and tired lately from a few personal things going on with my son, I have been ordering a shirt here and another shirt there. Shopping makes me feel better only until my husband finds out! 

Part of my stress and exhaustion comes from my adorable six year old Kindergartener, Cayne. He decided to give himself a hair cut about a week ago right before it was time to go to work. He said he just wanted to look like his Daddy (he’s bald and shaves his head). Before and after. He got his wish!

Even though the whole hair cut situation was kind of funny, I runfess, my nerves were completely shot and I was so shaky by the time I got to class where I’m supposed to be perky and upbeat. Then my music wouldn’t work! Ermagherd.. I haven’t even had time to enjoy a glass of wine this month. Maybe that’s just what I need!

I did manage to be perky and upbeat at all of my classes this week and had no music problems! Yay!

I runfess, I’m a little disappointed I won’t hit my mileage goal for the month, but I think I can catch up next month some I’m starting off with a half marathon next weekend! That’s something to be excited about! 

How about you? Anything to RUNfess for this month? I am linking up with Marcia for the monthly Runfessions! 

26 thoughts on “April Runfessions

  1. I do love shopping for new clothes–especially running clothes. That always makes me feel happy!

    My boys had buzz cuts for about 5 years when they were little. It was just so easy!

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  2. Yeah, I’m sure that haircut is one of those parenting stories that is much funnier much later. πŸ™‚ Glad you are feeling better. Don’t stress too much about catching up on your miles. There’s still 8 months left in the year!

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  3. I mentioned to a mom of one of the girls who goes to school with my daughter, how I admired her daughter’s haircut. And found out it was the result of the girl cutting her hair! Good to hear your classes were better this week.

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  4. I hope you’re continuing to recover well from your kidney stone! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your classes. Aw your son…hope he likes the new haircut!

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