A for April!

Wow, it’s hard to believe how fast this month and even this YEAR is flying by! Even though I had a rocky start at the beginning of the month thanks to an ER visit, a UTI, and kidney stone discovery, I did not let any of that stop me from getting those miles in! I have a 1000 mile goal to hit this year y’all! 

April 1, I raced my first 5k of the year, the Rise and Shine 5k. They also offered a half marathon, but I wasn’t quite ready to tackle that distance again just yet. Thanks to cooler temperatures, I managed to finish in 27:52 which was faster than the last 5k I raced in July. I was super happy with my time and how easy it felt. Me high fiving our cheering squad around mile 2! And finally, I race photo where I’m sprinting to the finish line! Yes!!! 

Unfortunately, there were no AG awards, but according to the times I would have placed second in 35-39 AG and 4th in 30-39 AG. Not bad considering there were 300 5k finishers!! This race proved that the 5k distance is still my strongest for racing. My 10k times are pretty good but I struggle to run fast for 13.1 miles. It’s just really hard for me. 

The next weekend, April 7, I went to the ER with abdominal pain. The doctor discovered I had a kidney stone and UTI. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Needless to say, after another round of antibiotics I’m doing well. I am currently training for half marathon number sweet 16, the Magnolia Meltdown which is May 6. I ran 8 miles April 15 and it went really well thanks to cooler weather.  

And last weekend, I made it 10 miles, only this time I struggled a bit because I was just plain tired. My legs did not want climb the hills and the temps were warmer with 96% humidity. My elevation chart. Can you count the hills? 

As for strength training, I teach fitness classes 3 days a week and had to miss a lot thanks to my health issues. I have been back full swing this week. I will have to grade my strength training as a B. 

So far I have logged 64.5 miles for April and only have 15.5 more to go to meet my goal of 80 miles for the month! So running gets an A for this month! I’m very proud to say I ran my fastest 4 mile run just this morning. Thanks again to the cooler weather, I was able to push myself! 

How would you grade your month? How do you deal with setbacks? I am linking up with MarciaErika, and Patty for Tuesday’s on the Run! 

15 thoughts on “A for April!

  1. Katie I think you had a great month in spite of the health issues at the beginning. It’s normal to be “better” at either long or short distances but that doesn’t mean you can’t train to be better at the other and I know you will! ; )


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