Weekly Recap

I’ve had a wonderfully busy week getting back into the groove of teaching my fitness classes plus getting all of my runs in. I took off a week from class thanks to my kidney stone and UTI. The stone is still not going anywhere and I’m feeling much better!  Here is how my week went…

Monday: Running rest day since I ran 8 miles Saturday, I took an extra day off from running. I spent my morning planning my workout for class and watching the Boston Marathon! πŸ’›πŸ’™ I had a basic full body workout planned for class and had 8 ladies show up ready to work! We mixed cardio with full body strength training, push-ups, lunges, squats, planks, and wall-sits. It felt great to be back at work! It’s not really “work” when you love your job! 

Tuesday: 4 mile foggy morning run. It was super humid, but I was happy with my pace. For class we did cardio for the first 15 minutes and worked out our glutes for the next 15 with Donkey Kicks, side leg extensions, sumo squats, and curtsy lunges. 

Wednesday: I like to run 5 miles for my midweek run since I don’t teach classes Wednesday afternoons. It was warm, but I had another great run! Just trying to give y’all an idea of how hilly my route around the neighborhood is. Whew! Shot of the gorgeous sun since it had been foggy earlier in the week!

Thursday: I am employed through our local hospital and had to miss out on the Hippity Hop for your Heart 5k two weeks ago thanks to my UTI. My husband’s restaurant sponsored the race so we had free race entries and got our tshirts and bags from the race. All of the money from the race went to our friend and his family who had been having heart problems. I walked the 5k later in the morning and felt like I earned my shirt. ​​

Friday: I was asked to speak this year at the Relay for Life Cancer Survivor Dinner. I had been working on my speech all week and was very honored and nervous! I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer 3 years ago and thankfully after having surgery to remove inside the margins from where it was located, it had not spread. I’ve had 3 more surgeries since; 2 were Basal Cell Skin Cancers (one on my forehead and one on my right leg) and one abnormal mole punch biopsy which required stitches. My mother is also a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1994 and has been cancer free for over 20 years! Me and Mom.My 10 year old daughter, Addy.

The dinner was from 5-7:30 and my daughter was excited it was Disney themed. This was the highlight of my week. Being in the same room with so many cancer survivors and some who were still fighting cancer was simply amazing. I’m a survivor! Disney themed dinner! 

We ate and they had drawings for door prizes. I spoke at the end of the dinner. I choked up telling my story or melanoma diagnosis. It has been 3 years of surgeries, biopsies, and many doctor appointments. Me speaking at the Relay for Life Cancer Survivor Dinner! It was such an honor to speak and share my story to a room full of cancer survivors. 

I’m thankful to say I was released from my surgical oncologist in February for good. I don’t have to come back to see him and I have been released back to yearly appointments with my dermatologist. Me, Addy, and Mom.

My main message for everyone at the dinner was to encourage them that God would use their journey with cancer for good and to help other people in the future. I enjoyed listening to other people share their stories with me when the dinner was over. What a wonderful evening it was. I will never forget it! 

Saturday: 10 mile long run! This will be my last long run before Magnolia Meltdown Half in two weeks. This run was so hard from start to finish, but I did it! 

Overall, I had a great week with 22.1 miles logged, 3 days back with my fitness class, and attending and speaking at the Cancer Survivor Dinner. The only stressful part was my son deciding to give himself a hair cut at school. He now has a nice shaved head. I won’t have to worry about him cutting his hair again πŸ™ˆCayne the barber: my darling 6 year old πŸ˜‚

How was your week?? What race do you have left on the calendar? It is warming up down here! I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 

32 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Katie! Would you believe my mother had lymphoma too (and breast cancer before that). She survived in remission for well over 20 years. (She passed away from heart complications just shy of 79.) I know you were truly honored to be able to share your story and having your daughter and mother at your side must have felt extra special. You look lovely in your yellow dress too. I’m happy to hear you were recently released after 3 years of medical care! Yes, you do have some hills in your hood. I think you’ve got me beat. Thanks for linking!

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  2. What an honor that you were able to share your story at that event. I’m sure people were so inspired by all that you’ve done since your surgeries. I hope you never have to go down that road again.

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  3. So glad you are feeling better. That picture of you and your daughter is so lovely – you could be a big sister, you look so good! Thank you for telling your story and living your faith – it’s an inspiration to all of us!

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  4. What a special event and your mother and daughter attend with you! I would be so nervous having to speak but I’m sure you did great!
    So glad to hear that stone has not given you any more problems and not having an effect on your running. Are you sitll doing your intervals? Your pace is so fast. For my long run I was not concerned with pace at all and really just needed to log the miles. It was hot and humid Saturday here too. I set my watch to 3 mins run 1 min rest and dang I was so slow in average but I felt like it helped me get through it.
    Thanks for linking up with us. Oh I think yall made your little Barber’s hair look pretty good after him getting a hold of it! When I was little I cut my eyelashes! No earthly idea what I was thinking at the time!

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    1. Yes I am still walking and running 2 minutes and walk 30 seconds. I am not sure how well I will do at Magnolia Meltdown because I don’t plan on running any longer than 6 miles this weekend. We have been so busy, I am feeling so fatigued lately. I am ready for summer! I can’t wait to hear all about Kentucky Derby Half! I wish I was going with you! Looks like a great race!


  5. Great job with your runs this past week! Your Relay for Life event sounds wonderful and I bet you were very inspiring in your speech. Glad that you and your mom are in good health. And by the way, the yellow dress is gorgeous on you!

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  6. Wow, Katie, I can relate to a lot in this post, wish we could talk about it over a cup of coffee. I hope that kidney stone will flush out at moment that doesn’t interfere with your schedule, and quickly and easily. Your speech at the survivors dinner sounds very meaningful. I know so many survivors. I’m glad you’ve done well. Keep up on your sun lotion and hats for me, OK?


  7. You and your mom and your daughter. Love so much!!! πŸ’• Congrats on not only being a survivor but also a wonderful soul.


  8. Thanks for sharing your story of survival. You looked so beautiful in your yellow dress and loved the photo of you and your daughter.
    Best of luck at your upcoming race. Mine is still 8 weeks away in June. Then I start training for Chicago!

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  9. great week of workouts! I too have struggled with skin cancer and have many stitches and scars- I just say, it makes me look tough! πŸ™‚ I finally have been released to 2 times a year check ups- got to stay on it. Beautiful pic of you and your daughter too!

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