Weekly Recap

After a rough time last weekend thanks to an ER visit and discovery of a kidney stone, my week ended on a high note! The kidney stone forced me to cancel my fitness classes for the week because I had pain on and off all on my left side. My week went like this…

Monday: rest and yoga. I really wanted to run, but woke up not feeling well. I joined in on a yoga challenge I found on Instagram called #PowerIntoSpring. If I win the challenge I get something from Lululemon! My favorite running shorts right now! I’ve been practicing yoga for 4 years and used to do these challenges all the time. Since I teach my own class, it’s hard to get to the yoga classes at my gym. I miss it! Day 1: Chaturanga Day 2: Forward Fold

Tuesday: Running and yoga!  I woke up feeling better so decided to run a few easy miles. I made it 3.1 miles and felt great! I also went to the Urologist who basically told me my Kidney stone was small and may not go anywhere. The pain I had been feeling was from a UTI that had not cleared with the other antibiotics I was on. I am still taking new antibiotics and go back to see the Urologist in a couple of weeks. Namaste Fit!Day 3: Upward Facing DogDay 4: Warrior IIIDay 5: Reverse Warrior 

Wednesday: 3 mile run and yoga. This run went a little faster than expected due to a German Shepherd jumping out at me, scaring the you know what out of me! Luckily the owners of that dog do not live here full time. The hairs on his back were standing straight up. I don’t think he wanted to be friends. I ran 3 miles in under 30 minutes thanks to him. My face after being chased and wondering if my Lab would have helped me if indeed I was in trouble? πŸ€”Day 6: Half MoonDay 7: Revolved Triangle PoseDay 8: Triangle Pose

Thursday: I decided to run one more day since my kids were off school for Good Friday. This run was hard and it was really warm by 8 o’clock. I made it 4 miles. β€‹β€‹

​Day 9: King Dancer Pose 

Day 10: Revolved Hand to Big Toe Pose

Friday: rest and yoga. I took the kids to lunch, movies, shopping, and we got donuts on the way home! 

Saturday: 8 mile long run! I have 3 weeks until the Magnolia Meltdown Half Marathon and I am not very prepared. I got up early and started running at 6 AM. I ran 4 miles slow and picked up the pace for 4 miles. The weather was perfect,  I conquered all the hills and managed an easy 10:49 pace! I was so happy about this run and how well it went! Sometimes I struggle with fatigue after a long run, but I’m happy to say I felt great after this one. I know it’s because the temps were in the 50’s the whole time I ran. I love running early because it seems so hot by 8 o’clock in the morning already! My goal for Magnolia Meltdown is to beat my time from Mississippi River in February which was 2:28:57. If I run like I did yesterday, I should achieve that goal! I finished up the yoga challenge too. Maybe I will win??

Sunday: Happy Easter! We went to church and had lunch at my mom’s. We have had a wonderful day of worship and spending time with family. He is RISEN! πŸ™ŒπŸ»My precious family!

How was your week? What are you training for? Is it warming up where you live? I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

26 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. I hope that stone is never an issue for you again. Wow what lovely yoga poses! After injuring my hamstring at a Turkey Trot last fall I’ve been only dabbling in yoga. Gorgeous family pic! Happy Easter!

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  2. What a great Easter family shot- beautiful! I am glad you are feeling better and getting those runs in! The weekend long run sounded like just what you needed to boost your confidence! Great job!

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  3. Oh boy. That run in with the dog doesn’t sound fun. My dog is a lab/husky mix and her hairs stand up on end when she’s on high alert.

    Your yoga looks awesome!! I wish I looked so graceful!

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  4. I waited until 8:00 to get out for my long 12 mile run. Big mistake. It was so warm already! I’ve looked at the Magnolia Meltdown before. I’m running a different race that weekend. Maybe one day I’ll get there. I hope your kidney stone stays small and won’t bother you a bit. That dog sounds scary. I had a Rottweiler after me once. Not fun at all. Fingers crossed on the yoga challenge and Lululemon prize. Thanks for linking, Katie!

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  5. I’m glad that kidney stone isn’t giving you more trouble!
    And great work on the yoga challenge! Good luck!

    Best of luck on our upcoming race! You’re going to do great! I’ve got a sprint tri coming up on Sunday, and then it’s all shorter races through the summer. Temperatures are already pretty high here in Florida, so that means it’s time to take it easy.


  6. You can tell you’ve been doing yoga for some time! You really look like a natural doing it.
    You had me thinking about the Magnolia meltdown but I’m just not sure. We’ll see how it goes in KY next weekend. I’m actually looking forward to not running distance and short frequent runs throughout the summer months.
    I do hope you win the challenge!

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  7. So happy I stumbled across your blog — I’m gathering you are from MS based on the race you mentioned. I live here as well! Glad your kidney stone is healing up, but UTIs are no fun either. Good luck with training. And your yoga looks great! Hope you win the challenge. Free Lulu is always exciting!

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