Weekly Recap

This was a great week as far as running goes! I think I finally adjusted to the time change and recovered from both my daughter’s pageant and soccer tournament! 

Monday: I ran my fastest 4 mile training run on hills for the year! We’ve been living here at the lake since October and it is a very hilly neighborhood. Every day is hill repeat day! Lol! Check out that beautiful sunrise I got to see that morning. I took a moment to thank God for so many blessings. 4 miles at 10:16 pace WITH walk breaks and hills! 🙌🏻

For Monday’s class I set up stations to work legs. One station for wall sits and squats with an exercise ball, one station with split lunges on the step, one with squats and leg raises using the kettle bell, one cardio station, and one station for sumo squats and calf raises with weights! 

Tuesday: Three mile walk in the park with my bestie. It’s like our therapy session where we get to talk and exercise at the same time! I’ve enjoyed our weekly walks so much. The weather was warm but I wanted to wear my new mint Procompression socks!

No class for Tuesday afternoon since my son was playing his first Tball game of the season. 

Wednesday: 5 miles at an easy pace since I ran pretty hard on Monday. With another 10k race coming up Saturday, there was no need to push the pace. My goal was to run 10:30 average pace and I did it! For some reason my 5 mile runs are the most difficult, but not that day. It was warm and humid, but I didn’t struggle like I have in the past running that long in the heat. 

Thursday: Three nice recovery miles on trails, hills, and sand. I even saw a snake! Eeeeek! This is the dam I cut across whenever I want to avoid 2 steep hills that lead back to my house! Hehe

I had to cancel my class again because my thirteen year old big girl was sick. She had a sore throat and fever. I took her to Urgent Care and sure enough she tested positive for strep. I was also having some bizarre abdominal pain that same day. I was a little thankful I had a break from teaching core at class since my tummy was hurting. 

Friday: Rest and hydration! My big girl stayed home so I took care of her and started drinking plenty of Gatorade and water to prepare for the Azalea Trail Run 10k. It was going to be hot and muggy since storms were headed our way Saturday afternoon.  My stomach pains were much better, but there was some pressure going on so I made an appointment with my OBGYN for next week. 

Saturday: I saw the storms coming when I woke up around 5:15 AM, but I got up anyway to get ready to head to Mobile, Alabama for my race. I’m not able to race much with all the kids’ activities going on each weekend so I was really excited about Azalea. I’ve signed up twice before and couldn’t make it. Third time’s the charm right? I left our lake house around 5:50 AM and made it to the Mobile Civic Center a little after 7 to pick up my packet. Yay!! My first Azalea Trail Run! 🌺

Not to give too much away, but I had an awesome race despite the warm/humid weather conditions!! My goal was to beat my time from the Wine 10k I ran in Birmingham two weeks ago and I did it! My unofficial time was 1:01:38 with 9:43 average pace! I was so excited! I will write a recap of my race later in the week. 

Sunday: Remember I was having the strange abdominal pain? I went to Urgent Care after church and found out I had a bladder infection 😳. It didn’t hit me until last night that that might be what was causing pressure and pain. Plus Doctor “Google” told me that’s what it was. I’ve never had one before so I’m feeling pretty bad*** for running a fairly fast 10k considering I was suffering from an unknown infection. I ended up running and walking a total of 21.59 miles for the week!

How was your week? Did you race? Have you ever raced when you were sick and didn’t know it? I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 

18 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Katie you keep getting faster and faster! That’s awesome! Hope the bladder infection is gone and your poor daughter is feeling better too. Great training week and I can’t wait for your race recap!

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  2. I’m so glad you were able to run the Azalea 10k this year. Congrats on a fantastic finish time. I bet the flowers were in full bloom. I really enjoy running in Mobile. Do you run First Light? I hope your infection clears quickly. Thanks for linking, Katie!

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  3. wow great week and great race! unbelievable that you ran it with a bladder infection!!

    I am very lucky that I don’t often get sick. I have run two races whilst not feeling well – one I had had a chest cold for a while, had finally felt a bit better before an epic business trip to Rwanda where the cough came back. Had been home from my trip around 20 hours and had a 10K race to run. Even though I didn’t feel well, I managed somehow to smash my 10K PR at the time! Same yearI also had some sort of sinus infection and had a trip planned to Dublin to run the rock’n’roll Half marathon. Since I already paid for my trip I had to go… (I wasn’t dying) so in that race I just took it easy.

    hope your bladder infection is on the mend!

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