Weekly Recap

Since I recapped the Wine 10k, I will give y’all a run down how the rest of my week went!

Monday:  After running a fabulous 10k race on Saturday, I decided to push myself on my Monday morning run. I ended up running the fastest 4 mile hill training run all year! I am still taking my walk breaks too, running 2 minutes and walking 30 seconds. I am getting faster each week during my intervals since starting Jeff Galloway’s program in January.  I was definitely a skeptic, but now 2 months later, I am actually getting faster! Sleepy eyes thanks to springing forward! My Snapchat picture. 

I teach my classes at our local gym three days a week. For Monday’s class we did a full body workout using a step. Ready to work!

Warm up: we did our warm up to “Juke Box Hero” by Foreigner doing toe taps, heel taps, basic steps, running up and down the step, straddle step, and up and over. That song has a great beat for a quick cardio warm up! 

Upper body: push-ups on the step, off-set push-ups, tricep dips

Lower body: plie squats (squat twice to the side, squat to the front then jump) repeat other side, star jumps, squat hold for 20 seconds then raise onto toes for 20 seconds. Talk about feeling the burn! Curtsy lunges, and lunges off the back of the step.

Core: bicycle twists, leg raises, and knee tucks all on the step. 

Great workout! I was super sore the next day! 

Tuesday: rest. I took my 10 year old daughter to her pageant dress alteration appointment in Hattiesburg. It was pageant week at our house! It’s a big deal to my girl lol. Pageants make me nervous! 

Wednesday: my cousin Bethany would have been 41 years old this day so I ran 4.1 miles in her honor. She passed away in 2012. We were like sisters growing up. 

Thursday: I wrote another full body workout since I closed my Tuesday class to take my daughter to her dress fitting. We did push-ups, planks, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, inch worms, squats, side planks, and much more! Another great workout for my ladies! Sporting green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day a day early! 

Friday: pageant day and St. Patrick’s Day! I ran 4 miles before getting my daughter ready for her big night! I wish I could celebrate St. Paddys the “right” way ha! I am Irish to the core! 4 miles wearing green of course!

My daughter, Addy, ended up winnng 3rd alternate at her pageant! Praise the Lord! I was thankful she got something and she was very happy! 

Saturday: my oldest had another soccer tournament so we had to leave at 6 AM. I was so tired. Aubrynn and her team ended up winning third place in their bracket. No medal, but they won 2 games and only lost one. Another praise! 

I am linking up with AnnmarieNicoleMichelle, and Jen for the Wild Workout Wednesday link up! 

Wrapping it up: 12 miles logged and 2 full body workouts taught by me! How was your workout week? 

24 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. OMG. Your daughter. Steal my heart!!!

    Before I came to her picture I was going to comment how photogenic you are — and now I see it runs in the family! You have a gorgeous family and you’re such an inspiration and positive energy source. Keep being great!

    Liked by 1 person

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