Wine 10k Recap

I hope y’all had a great week and weekend! My daughter had a soccer tournament in Birmingham, Alabama last weekend. I saw one of my Princess friends, Kristin aka @bamagirlruns, I met last year at Disney Princess weekend post about the Wine 10k the same weekend. I talked to hubby and he was fine with me signing up. I registered very last minute, but I’m so glad I did! We headed to Birmingham when the girls got out of school Friday, March 10 and made it to our hotel after 9 pm. Wouldn’t you know our hotel was right by the finish line of the race?? How lucky is that?

Race morning, March 11: I got up pretty early due to not being able to sleep much. I was very nervous and excited about seeing some of the ladies I met at Princess weekend. A part of me worried they might not remember me! I got dressed and headed to the finish line around 6:45 since I needed to pick up my packet. From there, I would catch a bus to the starting line at Patriot’s Park. I ran into one of my Princess friends picking up my packet. Her name is Dorothy and she introduced me to her husband. She gave me a big hug. I felt my nerves start to settle down seeing someone I knew! I walked all the way back to my truck to put my shirt and race bag up. Pinned my bib on and headed back to the buses. I saw another friend, Beth and gave her a hug. I decided to go ahead and get on a bus which was a Mercedes Benz charter bus because it was so cold. Yes! It was NICE and warm. I decided to wear shorts and a long sleeved shirt because I warm up quickly when I’m racing. The bus filled up quickly and we headed to Patriot’s Park around 7:10. The race didn’t start until 8 so it was a fairly long wait in the cold. I hopped off the bus and waited for the rest of the ladies I knew. My friend, Heather Wood’s husband Scott introduced himself and said I must be looking for Kristin so we headed toward the bathrooms. I ran into Lisa, another friend I met at Disney,  and we walked and met back up with Dorothy, her husband, couple of other friends I didn’t know, Kristin and Roberta. We all visited for a few minutes before it was time to head up to the start. Kristin and I walked up to the starting line together and it was fun seeing the Elite runners up at the front of the line including bronze medalist Emma Coburn. Kristin and I at the starting line! 

We sang the National Anthem and we were off! Kristin and Roberta ran together. I tried to hang with them for a little while, but after the first mile, I started using my walk/run method. I finished the first mile at 9:59. The first three miles was a hilly neighborhood loop. The hills were not steep or anything just gently rolling up and down. I was glad I live in a hilly neighborhood myself! Mile 2, 9:57, mile 3, 10:00. I was feeling really good and was pleased with my paces. I thought it would be great to finish 6 miles in an hour and my pace was right on target. I was so happy to be racing! 

After running through the neighborhood, we started going downhill and hit a straight part of the course. We ended up running on a paved trail which was really nice. We had to keep to the right to avoid other walkers and runners, but I never felt crowded. Mile 4, my pace was 10:06, and mile 5, 9:33! I really tried to run my intervals in the 9’s and even managed some 8 minute paces toward the end. We did have to go up a short bridge for the final turn toward the finish line. I could tell my legs were tired from running hills and fairly fast intervals. Mile 6, 10:09 and I was so excited to see the time clock at the finish reading 1:02. My official time was 1:02:22 with 9:55 average pace. I was really happy with that! I think I’m looking at the time clock here! Very excited! Photo finish! So happy!!

I immediately saw Kristin and Roberta. Roberta got a PR and so did Beth who finished not far behind me! Me, Beth, Kristin, Roberta, Lisa

I had time to chat with them a minute and get a picture before heading back to my hotel. I told them I would definitely see them at Disney Princess weekend next year! Pic holding my medal before heading out. The great thing about this 10k was getting a wine cork medal! That was awesome! I made it back to the hotel to grab some breakfast, change clothes and head to the soccer field with my family. My daughter’s team ended up playing 2 games in the cold and rain and losing both of them. They ended up cancelling the games for Sunday so we headed on home that morning. 

My shirt and medal from the Wine 10k! 
I’m so glad I signed up for this 10k. This was only my third 10k ever and it was awesome. I’m so glad I got to see friends, run a great race, and bring home a super cute medal. Since my girl’s tournaments are on weekends, I’m not able to race very much this year. This was just what I needed! If you live in the Birmingham area, I highly recommend this race! I wish I could have actually had wine at the Wine 10k lol! They had plenty! So much fun! 🍷

I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 


26 thoughts on “Wine 10k Recap

  1. Loved your recap! It’s great to see running friends at the races. I met Kristin at the Magic City Half in 2015 and I saw her again at the Shrimp Festival last year. She’s so nice! Congrats on a great race! Your splits were so even paced, way to finish strong! I can’t wait to try the walk run method in a race.

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    1. Yes I’m so thankful for that running school we went to in January! It’s working well for me! I really like the 10k distance too. Not too short and not so long where things start to ache or hurt. I felt good afterward too. No fatigue like after a half marathon.


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