Weekly Recap

We had another busy and blessed week! We just got home from Birmingham, Alabama. My oldest had a soccer tournament up there and I even managed to find a 10k race right by our hotel! More about that later! 

Monday:  We have had a few families around us that have lost loved ones and a family friend is waiting to hear results on some very important tests. I ran 4 miles for each of the families I had on my heart. It’s hard to see people you know hurting so badly. As a Christian and a runner, I write in my prayer journal each morning and sometimes continue my prayers out onto the road. I taught Step again at my class later that afternoon. I think I got too hot at class and had to come home and rest. 

Tuesday: I decided not to run since I did not feel well after teaching Monday afternoon. For Tuesday’s class, I set up stations around the workout room for shoulders and cardio. Shoulder presses and rows with a 10 pound bar for one station!

Wednesday: I ran my fastest 5 miles in a loooong time! I am still using the run/walk method and my pace was 10:21 average! I was jumping for joy! After such a great run, I had to strike a yoga pose by the lake! Extended hand to big toe pose..I do love yoga and miss taking classes. It’s hard to teach and take classes at the same time. 

Thursday: My friend and I had planned to walk, but her daughter got sick so I ran three “easy” recovery miles. It was super warm. It’s been warm here all week except for the weekend. I had to take my shirt off and run in just my sports bra. I should have checked the humidity before heading out the door in long sleeves. Weather bug said it was 94% humidity. No wonder my easy run was so hard! I was still happy to be outside anyway. The view of our lake will never get old. We did core and cardio for my class that afternoon and that wrapped up my “work” week. It’s not really work when you love your job as much as I do! Sunset yoga pose to end a great day.

Friday: we headed to Birmingham for my oldest daughter’s soccer tournament. I found out there would be a 10k just minutes from our hotel. I asked my hubby if I could please sign up because I am not able to race much due to kids’ activities every weekend. He said I could so I signed up last minute on the 8th. It was called the Wine 10k and I knew several ladies who would be there. I had met them a year ago at Disney Princess. One was Kristin from @bamagirlruns! 

Saturday: Wine 10k! I am going to write a race recap, but this was such an awesome race y’all. I got up early and drove to the finish line where I picked up my packet and rode a bus to the starting line. I really do love point to point races don’t you? Packet pickup! 

Not to give too much away, but I had a great race, met up with my Disney Princess friends, and finished in 1:02:22 with an average pace of 9:55! I still took my walk breaks and ran my intervals in the 9’s and even some 8 minute paces. I felt great the entire race because the weather was COLD and low humidity. I think if the weather would be like that down in south MS, my paces would be faster. This is only my third 10k in over 4 years of running. I did not PR, but I did beat my slowest 10k time by 3 minutes and hit my goal time. I have been working really hard on getting faster and it paid off yesterday! Did I mention we got a wine cork medal at the finish?? Woo hoo!!

I spent the rest of the day watching Aubrynn play soccer in the freezing cold and rain. They ended up canceling all games for today since it rained all night. We lost both games yesterday so we were glad to come on home. I do feel bad for the teams who were winning and lost their chance at bringing home a medal. 

How was your week? Did you have a race? Do you ever sign up for races last minute? I’m so glad I did!! I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the weekly wrap! Have a great week! 


41 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Great job on your race! My 10K yesterday got cut if half due to ice…UGH> I was not mentally prepared for a 5K. My time was decent, considering I went out way too fast and had major decreasing splits…but it was tough. But, still a great event despite the cold!

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  2. Congratulations on a great 10k! It seems like the run/walk method is working very well for you. I am the queen of signing up for last minute races. I think it’s less stressful that way, actually. I do like point to point races although they can add an element of stress on racing morning for me (catching a bus by a certain time, etc.). Thanks for linking, Katie!

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  3. What a great idea to do that 10K! I definitely run faster in the cool weather. Maybe that’s why the first race of the year is usually my best. I like your idea of a daily prayer journal …

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  4. I really wanted to run that race this year, but the hubs had drill and I didn’t want to travel to Bham to run a race alone. Sounds like a good race for a girl’s weekend meet-up 🙂

    Too bad your daughters team lost but considering the weather …I know you were secretly glad!

    Congratulations on your time …that walk/run method is really working for you!

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  5. I’ve signed up for a last minute race too when we vacationed in Mammoth two years ago. It was actually my husband who found out about it and suggested I should sign up. Only a mile race but at high altitude so it was a tough one. Glad I did it though.
    Way to go on your 10K. I bet it felt great to have a great race when you didn’t even plan for it.

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    1. I am surprised to see my pace dropping even with walk breaks especially during a race! It’s hard not to just run the whole time, but I went ahead and started taking walk breaks like I would if I was running at home. I found I was able to run faster with each run interval and I didn’t run out of gas like I do at some races. Yay!


  6. Humidity is the worst! It’s kind of the regular state of being here, even when it’s cold, so I’m always happy to not have to deal with it.

    I’ve had three races in the past week LOL! I’m a little tired, but I’ve got one more big one before the summer slump begins. 🙂

    I am usually a bit of a planner with my races, but sometimes I’ll sign up for them last minute. I have my eye on one for saturday, but I guess we will see how i feel.

    Glad you’re feeling better and had a great 10K!

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