Weekly Recap

It has been another busy and blessed week in the Shepherd household! It feels good to be sitting down writing this blog post. Last Sunday, we spent the day at the soccer field and my oldest daughter brought home a second place medal from her soccer tournament! Woo hoo! My week went like this:

Monday: I signed up to run a four mile race in Hattiesburg for the four lives lost in the tornadoes that came through back in January. My daughter’s championship game was at the same time as the race so I didn’t run it. My husband was kind enough to take me to pick up my race shirt and bag. I ran my 4 miles for the tornado victims Monday morning. #pinebeltstrong

I taught my class later that afternoon and we did a Step workout. My class is really enjoying this so I have been teaching Step once a week! 

Tuesday: I ran my fastest 4 miles in MONTHS at 10:26 pace using the same run/walk method (run 2 minutes, walk 30 seconds). To have a 10:26 pace running and walking means my run intervals were between 9:30 and 9:45! That made me very happy! I had to jump for joy at the end of this run! This run helped me finish the month of February with just over 70 miles! That’s also the most miles I’ve logged in a very long time! 

For my Tuesday afternoon class, we did “stations” which is where I set up stations around the studio and they did each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 10 seconds and rotate. I had two upper body stations, one for legs, one for core, and one cardio station. The ladies really seemed to like it. 

Wednesday: A nice easy recovery run around town. 3 miles. 

Thursday: 3 mile walk with my friend and taught a core class using an exercise ball. Our a azaleas are blooming here in south MS! Aren’t they beautiful?

Friday: I learned late Thursday night, a former classmate and my Senior prom date, Joel, had passed away. I got up Friday morning and went Birthday shopping for my son and decided to go ahead and run before getting the kids from school. I dedicated my 5 miles to Joel and his family. He was a really good guy and I was pretty shaken up when I heard he had passed away. 

Saturday: our little man turned 6 years old! He’s my third baby and he’s not a baby any more. He’s a big boy who will start his second season of Tball soon! Check out those Star Wars cupcakes! We also went to my middle daughter’s dance recital Saturday night. Cayne was a trooper sitting through 2 hours of dancing. He didn’t mind much. He likes girls already 😳. Our beautiful dancer, Addy!

Sunday: we had Cayne’s birthday party today after church. We are taking a moment to rest since we’ve been wide open the last couple of days. 

How was your week? I managed to log 19 miles for the week! I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 


36 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Great week of training Katie! Back in the day I was a Step fanatic! Haven’t done a step workout is eons now though. They’re fun! Happy Birthday to the big boy! Those cupcakes are the cutest! Addy is gorgeous in her dance costume!

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  2. The run/walk method seems to be working very well for you! Nice air on that jumping picture too. Happy Birthday to your son. Those Star Wars cupcakes are so cute. I can’t believe the movie franchise is so popular after all these years. Your daughter looks lovely and I know you were a proud Mama at her recital. Your azaleas look like mine. Gorgeous. Thanks for linking, Katie!

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  3. So many good things to celebrate–running for the tornado victims, your kids’ accomplishments, and flowers in bloom! Sorry to hear that your friend died; it’s nice that you were able to devote a run to his memory. It’s so tough when things like that happen. I’m impressed you’ve seen improvement doing a run/walk method. I’ve heard such great things about it but haven’t tried it myself.

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  4. I know I would love your classes, it wouldn’t matter what you did! I do like it when my trainer sets up the “stations” too. I love it when someone else joins us and we do a short circuit. We don’t do it for amount of time just reps but it works out great cause we’re all in there chatting away while we get our workout in! I was nice seeing you in Hburg and congratulations to your daughter. I think that benefit run for the tornado victims is awesome!
    I’m actually looking for a race you can run with your dog in Hburg. They did it last year sometimes. Let me know if you come across it!

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