Tuesdays on the Run: February gets an A! 

February turned out to be a really good month for me despite catching strep throat a week ago from my son. I’ve been sick twice over the last couple of months and that’s unusual for me! 

The highlight of the month was running the Mississippi River Half Marathon on February 11. It was a hot and humid race, but I managed to finish in 2:28:57 using Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method. I ran 2 minutes and walked 30 seconds the entire race! I think I smiled the whole 13.1 miles (actually 13.3) because it was a race I’d been wanting to run for 4 years. Dreams do come true! So hot but so happy!

I teach classes 3 days a week at a gym in my hometown which is now 30 minutes away since we’ve moved. I give my strength training an A because I workout with my class. We do everything from cardio, step workouts, upper body, lower body, and core. We work super hard for 30 minutes. I absolutely love my job!We definitely plank in class! 

Looking back at my mileage over the last 6 months, February wins with a total of 70.34 miles ran and walked!! I made it 62 miles last month and barely 50 miles for the months before that. My running grade is an A PLUS! My goal for 2017 is to run 1000 miles. Maybe I will hit that goal after all! 

How was your month?? What grade would you give February? My goal for March is to run more miles! I am linking up with Marcia,  Erika, and Patty for Tuesday’s on the run! 


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