February RUNfessions

It’s the last Friday of the month already so I’m going to give RUNfessions a try! 

I set a goal to run 1000 miles for 2017 and I RUNfess I am seeing that goal slipping through my fingers.. or toes lol. I ran 62 miles in January and so far for the month of February… 50 miles. Aaah!! A week ago I came down with a bad case of strep throat so I had to take off a few days which also cost me some mileage. Yes, I RUNfess I just want to run and get plenty of sleep. I feel like I’m still catching up on all the sleep I lost while my son was sick. He has been sick off and on since before Christmas! Is Kindergarten over yet? 

I also RUNfess, I’ve been cheating on running with walking. I must say going to Jeff Galloway’s running school last month was the best thing I ever did. I’ve been walking and running the whole month of February and my fatigue is getting so much better! I finished a half marathon this month using his run/walk method. I ran/walked the entire race running 2 minutes and walking 30 seconds. Sure, my time was slower, but it was so hot y’all. I was so happy to finish in 2:28:57. Jeff Galloway said I would pass so many people using the walk breaks. I RUNfess I wasn’t quite sold on his method, but it is actually working for me! I can run in the cold and the HEAT and feel great! It truly is a miracle how much better I feel! I RUNfess, I smiled during this whole half marathon, the Mississippi River Half in Greenville. It will go down as one of my favorite half marathons. I also RUNfess, I thought this was Half Marathon number 16… nope, it was number 15. Oops. My face is red, but I’m feeling great here at mile 9! Thank you Jeff Galloway! 

I RUNfess I think I’m ready to sign up for my second marathon. It’s been 2 years and I have the desire, but have not seemed to be able to hit the resister button. I signed up for the Destin Marathon and had to drop half a year ago. I signed up for the Dopey Challenge and couldn’t go. I didn’t get all the training done I needed plus I got sick before it was time to go. I RUNfess, I am afraid something else will happen if I commit again. I don’t want to drop the distance or not be able to go which seems to happen a lot in this season of my life. 

What do you have to RUNfess for this month? Has February been good to you? It’s been great and not so great, but March madness is coming. Eeeek!! I’m linking up with Marcia for this month’s RUNfessions! Happy Friday friends! 


25 thoughts on “February RUNfessions

  1. I wouldn’t say you should feel guilty or RUNFESS for walking/running. I think it’s successful for many many people and let’s face it – we all need a walk break once in a while and if it’s working for you and you feel better – you go girl!

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  2. I think there’s so much to be said for the run/walk method and I have a few friends who’ve had really great results with their marathons using this method. There’s definitely no shame in a walk break! I don’t blame you for feeling gun shy about signing up for another marathon. It’s a huge commitment for sure and yes, life does get in the way. Thanks for linking up! Happy weekend!

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  3. I keep telling myself to give the Galloway method a try and just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. My problem is that I can’t make myself walk when I’m not tired but then I want to start walk/running the last 3 miles of a half. I know that does’t work but I just have to get there mentally. Although, I will say that I have been passed several times by those doing the walk/run method so it obviously works and would probably be great for me ….

    Good luck with the marathon. I’ve resigned to the fact that I’m too old, with too many biomechanical issues to tackle 26.2 So, I say if you can do it …go for it!! You’ll always wonder if you don’t.

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  4. I had the same 1000 mile goal and I am behind as well. I can probably catch up, but it’s a little frustrating.

    The Galloway run-walk-run method has saved running for me. Just because of certain small challenges I have, it is the thing that allows me to complete all kinds of races.

    I hope you are able to figure out a marathon. Do you have one near you? It might be worthwhile to train and then register late when you can get a better assessment of how things are going? A friend of mine was really superstitious about getting injured, so she went through a whole training cycle and signed up for her marathon a week before she had to run. I am way too OCD to do that, but it worked out well for her.

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    1. Yes it’s close by! The race directors for Louisiana Marathon weekend have brought Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon to us! Last year was their inaugural race and I ran the half! It was awesome! I think I would like to run the full this year. It’s a point to point race and FLAT!


  5. It’s hard to committing to big events like a marathon so far in advance! I’ve been in similar situations, but it sounds like your plan for a race that is close to home is good. Love all your pictures 🙂

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  6. Those are great race photos! It looks like you had a great time. I need to tell my sister about the Galloway method, I think she would enjoy running a lot more if she incorporated it!

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