Weekly Recap

I had a really great week not only fitness wise, but in my personal life as well! I ended the week running the Mississippi River Half Marathon in Greenville, MS yesterday morning. I hope to write my race recap soon! I am really pleased with how I ran considering it was really hot up there! So let’s recap the whole week.

Monday: Since I ran 11 miles Friday, I took an extra day off from running to work on a Step workout  for my afternoon class. I’ve taken Step class, but never taught one. I started writing this workout on Friday and finished up Monday. I got to the gym early to go over the full 30 minute workout with the playlist I made. I had about 9 ladies show up to class and they said I did a good job teaching. They liked it so much, I’m planning another Step workout for tomorrow! After workout selfie!

Tuesday: I ran 4 miles using the run/walk method again running 2 minutes and walking 30 seconds. I had a great run in warm and humid weather! That seems to be the norm for south MS winter this year. I was jumping for joy because it was race week! It was also my 4 year RUNniversary Tuesday also. I started running 4 years ago using the Couch to 5k app! What a wonderful journey it has been and such a blessing. Running is definitely a gift from God. 

Wednesday: I ran three miles in humid weather again. I had ordered a couple of shirts for the race and tried this Under Armour Threadborne shirt to see if it might work for race day. It was super hot. The material was nice, but not for warm weather conditions. I decided I would be tank topping on race morning with temps expected to be in the 60’s and 70’s. 

Thursday: I taught cardio and a core workout at my class that afternoon! 

Friday: Hubby and I headed to Greenville around 11 AM and made it to our hotel by about 4. 

We headed over to Greenville Mall and picked up my packet. I was so excited to see the race shirt was a pullover! I’ve never gotten one at a race before! We ate dinner at the Cow Pen and drove the course. We headed back to the room and I fell asleep pretty early.

Saturday: Race Day!! I texted my friend, Angela from @raceaddict on Friday and we planned to meet in front of her hotel to get on the bus to the starting line. I met her at about 6:15 and we made sure to get on the half marathon bus! We chatted the whole time on the ride to the starting line which was at the Cow Pen where we had eaten the night before at the foot of the Mississippi River Bridge on the Arkansas state line! We got off the buses and waited in the loooong porta potty line. I met and talked with a few other people in line and then we headed up to the start pretty soon after. Starting line picture!

I will write a recap of the race later but I did finish in 2:28:57 using the run/walk method running 2 minutes and walking 30 seconds like I had been doing over the last couple of weeks since Jeff Galloway’s running school. I’m very pleased with my time since it was brutally hot and thankful the Lord allowed me to finish another half marathon. Number 16 for me! Notice the super red face!! A big thank you to my husband for driving me over 4 hours to run a race I’ve been wanting to run for 4 years. We made it home safely yesterday afternoon and I got up early for church this morning. 

How was your week?? Did you race? What are you training for currently? 

20 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. I also had a race on Saturday. It’s a race I’ve done several times,but this year the temps were in the 50’s, which is unheard of for Iowa. I had a great pace and finished well…but was a bit disappointed the course was shortened (4.29 instead of the 5 miles it usually is).

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    1. Wow that is a shortened course but glad the weather was good for it. Mine was so hot, but I really enjoyed running across the Mississippi River. The course measured 13.3 miles but that’s okay. I am starting to accept I’m back in the 11’s for half pace for now. I can’t run fast in the heat!


  2. Great job! Congratulations!

    I saw Jeff Galloway yesterday! He was running the DONNA marathon in Jacksonville. I was on a relay team and my teammates and I were doing the course in reverse to collect our final runner and bring her in, and Jeff and his wife were finishing their last mile. He’s a sweetie.

    I had a 5K last Sunday, too.

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    1. Yes even though my time was slower, the miles seemed to go by a lot faster having walk breaks! It was super hot too so the walking helped. I passed a lot of people at the end just like Jeff Galloway said I would when I was at his running school!


  3. Congrats! Sounds like a fun weekend and the hubs came too so that is even better! I love it when you get a fun pullover or jacket instead of a traditional shirt! Sweet! I have the same red face when I run too 🙂

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