Happy RUNniversary!

Today is my 4 year “RUNniversary!” I can’t believe it’s been 4 years and I almost forgot it! 

I just realized it’s my 4 year “RUNniversary!” 4 years ago today, I started day one of the Couch to 5k program. It did not go well.. at all! I had to stop after 15 minutes because my palpitations got so bad and I started having chest pain. I was at a park in Hurley, MS while my daughter was at dance. I felt so defeated, BUT I tried again the next day and I finished the Couch to 5k program just in time to run my first 5k in March of 2013. It was the “Hippity Hop for your Heart” 5k in my hometown. Four years later, I’ve run more 5k’s than I can count, two 10k’s, one 12k, two 15k’s, 15 half marathons, and one full marathon! It’s been a great journey and I’m thankful for the gift of running. I played soccer in high school and never could run the two miles required for tryouts. I could finish the two miles, but had to walk a lot. I remember how hard it was and how much I didn’t like to “just run.”  Now, I’m 37 years old and can run REALLY far and for a long time. That’s a blessing and ability given by God. I glorify Him in all I do and hope to be an inspiration to my children. I can’t really race that much anymore in this season of life, but I’m hoping I can run another marathon one day. I’m also thankful for all the people I have met thanks to running over the last 4 years! It hasn’t always been easy on this journey, but I’ve learned a lot about myself. I hope to keep running as long as the Lord allows me to. Here’s to the next 4! 

How long have you been running? Hope y’all are having a great week! 

18 thoughts on “Happy RUNniversary!

  1. Congrats on four years!!! I’ll be celebrating my 12-year Runniversary in a few months. Like you, I hated running when I was younger, probably because I don’t have much for natural athletic ability. I always though runners had to be fast (and, unfortunately, all of my gum teachers seemed to hold that theory in check). I’m glad I figured out that running “long” is just as fulfilling as running “fast.”

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  2. You know, that you mention it, I started running four years ago in February, too. I don’t recall the exact date. I trained for a local Memorial Day 5K (in May). And then I got sidelined by my tonsillectomy and have been working to come back from that ever since.

    COngratulations on your Runniversary! Such a great accomplishment!

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  3. Happy RUNiversary! I ran track in middle school and hated every minute of it – so I quit. While I played numerous sports through high school and college, I always hated running. Flash forward to 2012 and I started consistently running for triathlons and half marathons – now I love it.

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