Weekly Recap

Good morning! It’s been a busy week and weekend in the Shepherd household! Lots of running, three days of teaching classes, watching my son play basketball, cleaning out our old house, church, and a super bowl gathering at our lake house last night. We had more people over than we expected, but we had a great time getting to know our new neighbors! So let’s recap last week!

Sunday: I had stayed overnight in Orange Beach following an awesome Jeff Galloway Running School. I ran three miles on the beach and took lots of pictures! Check out this beautiful view on my Sunday morning beach run!

Beach selfie!

Three miles! 

Oh I had the best time in a short 24 hour beach trip. The beach is my happy place! I headed home and spent the rest of my Sunday with my family. 

Monday: I applied what I learned from Jeff Galloway first thing that morning! I ran three miles running 90 seconds and walking 30 (90:30 ratio). And you know what? I ran just as fast as I would have not walking! I was very excited to run a little faster at each running interval. 

I taught class later that afternoon and we focused on cardio and upper body. We used a step for our cardio portion of the workout and did lots of push-up versions. I was super sore from my own workout!

Tuesday: the last day of January. Since it was going to be leg day in my class, I decided not to run. We did squats, lunges, and wall sits in class. I logged 62 miles for the month of January. Not quite what I wanted, but I will take it considering I was sick and my son was sick most of the month. 

Wednesday: 5 miles using the walk/run method. I started with 4:1, then 3:1, then back to 90:30. My pace wasn’t great, but I set out for 4 miles and felt good enough to go for 5! 

Thursday: I had planned on meeting my best friend at the park to walk and visit but my son was up from 2-4 AM coughing. I had to cancel and get some sleep. We worked on our core at my class later that afternoon. 

Friday: My mother graciously kept my son Thursday night so I could get up early and get my last long run in before my half coming up on February 11. It was now or never. Hubby got the girls up and took them to school so I could start early. I had a really great long run. Best long run I’ve had in months. I used the 120:30 method (run 2 minutes, walk 30 sec) and this worked really well. Sometimes I would run longer if I was in the groove and running downhill. I ran 11 miles in the cold, wind, and sometimes pouring rain. It was awesome! 

I couldn’t believe I was able to run 11 miles after only being able to make it 7 the weeks before. Hey, life happens and I’ve done the best I can. Now I know I’m ready for the Mississippi River Half Marathon. Yes, it will be a slow Half, but I will be happy to finish. Friday was also my late Grandmommie’s birthday. She would have been 81 years old. I dedicated my run to her and glory to God for giving me His strength to make it 11 miles!! He gets all the credit. Here I am blowing a kiss to my precious Grandmommie in heaven. I knew she was with me that whole day. 

I managed to log 22 miles for the week! That’s a lot for me!

Saturday we watched our little man play basketball with his Kindergarten class and we cleaned out our old house. We are getting ready to sell it. Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful church service and boiled crawfish, corn, potatoes and had sausage and mushrooms for the super bowl. 

How was your week?? I’m getting excited about my first race of 2017! Prayers appreciated for good weather and a safe race! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

20 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about people who use the Galloway method in training and racing. How great it’s working for you so far. All the best getting your house ready to sell. That’s a lot of work for sure!


  2. Great job! I am a big supporter of the Galloway method, and have being doing the Run Walk Run intervals since I had my tonsils out a few years ago (the surgery really changed how I breathe, for the worse, so I don’t think I would be able to run without Galloway).

    Best of luck with selling your house and I hope your son is feeling much better.

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  3. Looks like a great week for you Katie! Those pictures of the beach are just awesome, I can never get enough and try to get up early when I’m there to not miss it!
    Are you thinking about putting this method to use in your next marathon? I think I want to do that!


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