Weekly Recap

Well, it’s been another really long week, but it ended on a high note at the beach! Woo hoo! My happy place! 

Sunday:  We had a birthday party for our 2nd born, Addy. We had family and friends over and her Daddy cooked her favorite.. pulled pork and she had a mermaid ballerina birthday cake!

Monday:  My son stayed home from school. He had played outside all day at the party and spent most of Sunday night coughing. He didn’t sleep much at all. I ran three miles after taking my two girls to school. 

I wrote one of my first and only political posts on my FB page and IG in regards to the women’s march. I am Christian, conservative, and PRO-life. If you’d like to read the post click here: Promote love and peace.

Tuesday: Addy’s official 10th birthday! 

My oldest daughter, Aubrynn had a playoff soccer game in Pass Christian. Unfortunately they lost 5-3 and that will end her first season as a Lady Wildcat. She has been playing varsity soccer for the high school as a 7th grader. We are so proud of her! I closed my cardio class due to the game so I ran a 4 mile tempo run Tuesday morning. 

Wednesday I ran 5 miles and hit the trails at the end. I am always pretty tired on Wednesdays and my running showed it.  My legs did not want to climb any more hills so I finished on the trails by my house! 

Thursday: my little boy finally made it back to school. Even my oldest had a sore throat this week and missed school Wednesday. I taught my class that afternoon and we focused on our core. We start off with a warm up plus cardio. 

Core workout: Bird dogs, regular 30 second plank, 30 second elbow plank, regular crunches, Pilates crunches (straight leg), sit-ups to side plank each side, and side hip raises for our obliques. 

Friday: I needed a 8-9 mile long run to make up for the long run I missed the week before. I woke up with severe palpitations. I have Mitral Valve Prolapse so I have palpitations and chest pain from time to time. My heart rate had dropped into the 50’s and sometimes that causes my heart to get out of rhythm. I decided to just do a short run instead of my long run. A short run will bring my heart rate up and get it back into rhythm.  A longer run could have made it worse and made me feel more fatigued. I’ve had trouble with fatigue since I got sick over Christmas. So I ran three miles for Friday and called it a day. 

I signed up for Jeff Galloway’s running school earlier this month and my husband said I should go down to Gulf Shores, Alabama for the night. After several stressful weeks, this little beach trip was just what I needed! I left early Saturday morning and went straight to the Hangout. I listened to Jeff Galloway speak on the walk/run method, nutrition and I took about 4 pages of notes! He spent a lot of time with our group answering questions. He signed my books and took a picture with me. He told me I was an inspiration to my kids and that made me feel really good. 

I also got to meet a fellow blogger and IG friend, Debra @happyrunningsole! She was super sweet and we talked for a long time. I love connecting with other runnng friends and hope to see her again at a race in the future! 

I spent the rest of my Saturday shopping, ate a nice dinner at The Wharf and even watched Patriot’s Day all by myself! That’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I feel safe at the beach and have been going down there since I was a little girl. 

Sunday: I slept pretty well and ran 3 miles on the beach! The sand was packed down and I ran with my shoes on. It was chilly, but the sun felt great. 

I am so thankful for my little getaway to my happy place. A great way to end the week. How was your week? Half marathon number 15 is in less than two week and I’m pretty behind on training. 7 miles is the longest I’ve been able to run. Do you ever get behind on your training? Hope y’all have a great week!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Glad your son is feeling better. I shouldn’t stick my neck out here, but I will–have you ever taken him to a pulmonologist? I’m just an armchair quarterback here, but his episodes of breathing issues sound pretty serious!

    What did you learn from Jeff Galloway? I’m so interested!

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    1. Yes he has been to two allergy doctors and one pulmonologist. Two of the doctors retired and the pulmonolgist replaced one of the doctors and he was not much help. He tried to treat Cayne for reflux. That is our next step is to try and find another one. I took four pages of notes at Jeff Galloway’s running school! I plan on writing a blog post about it. So much good information!


  2. I love Jeff! He is so easy to talk to. I met him at a Disney Expo. I used to always run Galloway Method. It was the only thing that kept me running at that time. Glad you had a great weekend retreat with him!

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  3. How awesome to meet Jeff Galloway! I’m sure he was a wellspring of great info. Happy birthday to Addy! She’s so beautiful and is a great age. My youngest daughter is 11. I’m buckling in for those teen years!


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