Wednesday Word

We have reached mid-week and I’ve managed to run three days in a row despite my little boy being home from school. He’s still coughing a lot at night and I didn’t want to send him to school until he could get a good night’s sleep. This has been a tough year for him as far as sickness goes. Cayne is in Kindergarten and I remember my two older daughters getting sick their Kindergarten year. Cayne has trouble with allergies, wheezing, and coughing. He doesn’t get just a head cold. It goes straight to his lungs. He’s been using a Nebulizer for breathing treatments since he was two. He’s been sick so many times this school year, I can tell it’s starting to effect me. I’m getting tired easily due to not sleeping at night. It seems like he’s been sick for a month straight with a cough. Last week I didn’t have the energy to run and teach my classes the same day. I was completely wiped out by Wednesday. This week has been better, but I closed my class yesterday to go to my daughter, Aubrynn’s playoff soccer game. They came up short and that is the end of the Lady Wildcat soccer season. It has been an honor to watch her play as a 7th grader on the varsity high school team. We are so proud of her.

We also celebrated my middle daughter, Addy’s birthday this week starting Sunday with a birthday party and her actual 10th birthday was yesterday. We ate at Half Shell in Gulfport before heading to the soccer game. 

My runs have gone well this week so far. I struggled this morning during my 5 miler. Not getting a full night’s sleep in over two weeks is starting to wear me down, I think. My legs didn’t want to climb any more hills so I ended my run on the trails by our house. 

My husband went hunting, so I read a little of my book on our front porch. It’s called “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst. In the midst of taking care of sick kids and just feeling tired, we haven’t made it to church in over a week. We are so busy with our children’s activities, it doesn’t leave much time to spend with friends. I go to church, but the friendships do not go beyond the church house. I run by myself and miss racing because I don’t want to go alone. So sometimes I feel a bit isolated and in need of adult conversation lol. I see pictures of running friends and girl trips on social media and wish I could join or be a part of the group. I know I need to stay off of social media because sometimes it makes us feel even more lonely. I know I am just in a busy season with small children and need to take care of them. I just read today in this book that when you feel overlooked just think “You aren’t set aside, you are set apart.” Isn’t that awesome? It made me feel better. 

“To be set apart is to be given an assignment that requires preparation.” 

I do feel I’ve been in a long waiting period in my life after having so many health issues last year, mentally and physically. I feel like my prayers go unanswered sometimes, but I know God loves me and He hears me. I pray and worry over my sick child. I pray he will outgrow these allergies and be able to run and play outside without getting sick. I pray for friendships. I hope I can make time to do things I enjoy and not be afraid to go to a race alone. It used to never bother me until I had my heart problems flair up. 

How is your week going? Do you find it hard to spend time with friends while trying to take care of your family, work, etc? Do you run alone or with a friend or group? 

Hope y’all have a great rest of the week!

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Word

  1. I normally run alone but my hubby goes to almost all of my runs for support. It does make the time go by easier when you have someone to run with for sure!!! Being home the past few months kinda has me feeling the same way. 😞 Isolated, bored and lonely. I know we’re at different stages in life but I think the feelings are the same! It’ll get better!! Life tends to go in seasons and they never last forever.

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  2. I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere (Iowa), or at least it feels that way some of the time. I have a handful of runner friends, but we seldom are able to coordinate our schedules to do a lot of group runs. I can relate to feeling “alone” when the media shows us so many groups doing their group things, almost on a daily basis. Just remember…social media never tells the entire story. There are a lot of “individual” runners doing their own thing, too…we just aren’t as aware of them. Chin up!!

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  3. Aw I’m sorry your boy is still not feeling well. My son had croup five times when he was little and my nephew needs a nebulizer every time he gets sick, too, so I know exactly what you’re going through. It’s tough with these little monkeys!

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  4. It’s really hard to find time to do everything, I think facebook helps me stay connected to my friends even when we can’t carve out time to meet up. I do hope your son is better soon!


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