Weekly Recap

Wow, boy did I have a busy week last week! I started teaching my fitness classes again and I’m training for my next half marathon. My class is called “Cardio Fusion” which is 30 minutes of cardio plus body weight strength training. We work really hard in those 30 minutes at the gym! 

Monday:  It was freezing outside so I didn’t run until 8 or so. Three “easy” miles turned into 3 a little too fast miles because it was so cold! I was also doing a sugar detox with Laura (Mommy Run Fast). My goal for the week was to have only 25 grams of sugar per day. I downloaded My Fitness Pal again to keep up with my calories. I have trouble eating enough and needed to eat more since I was running and teaching class. I had a great group of ladies at my class and was so excited to be back to work! 

I went straight from teaching class back to my house, changed and headed to my daughter’s soccer game. They last an hour and a half or so and I could tell I needed to eat something. I go from fine to starving within minutes. I think this is because my metabolism is high. I get what I call “hangry” kind of like the people in the Snickers commercials! Lol. I did have to eat some fries at the game,  but other than that, I really cleaned up my diet again. I sautéed fresh veggies when we got home from the game. Yum! 

Tuesday: I ran three miles at a much slower pace. 

Did I mention, every day is hill repeats where I live? Whew! 

If I go right or left from my driveway, I am welcomed with plenty of hills! I taught my class again and went straight to another soccer game. I made sure to eat before the game, but it happened again… I got too hungry and since I was trying to eat better, I did not eat at the game. I got very panicky, took my youngest children home and ate when we got there. I still didn’t feel well so I went to bed at 8 o’clock. It almost felt like I had a panic attack simply from not eating enough. 😱

Wednesday:  I had a tempo run on schedule but rested instead. I asked some of my fitness friends for help with what to eat every few hours so what happened to me at the soccer came would not happen again. I did do a 30 minute yoga video for anxiety and stress. I wrote a blog post about my struggle with anxiety if you want to read it, feel free! 

Thursday: I ran a 4 mile tempo run. One mile WU, 2 miles at 10:10 and 10:02 (my goal was 10:15 or better), one mile CD. I did it!

And I was in a tank top by that day. Remember it was freezing Monday? No wonder everyone is sick down here. Mother Nature is bipolar. 

I taught class again Thursday afternoon and felt much better afterward than I did earlier in the week. 

Friday:  Long run! I really, really wanted to go to Baton Rouge and run the Louisiana Half. I had to defer 2016 to this year, but I didn’t have anyone to go with me. Hubby didn’t want me to go alone. I was super sad, especially from missing Dopey and now Louisiana. Talk about feeling low. Well, I woke up Friday morning to foggy, humid conditions… my least favorite running weather. I put on my new mint Lululemon shorts I’d ordered for Baton Rouge and my Princess visor. What’s that saying “I straightened my pony tail” or “straightened my crown and handled it?” Anyway, I took the kids to school and sucked it up for 7 miles. My pace was slower, but I felt strong out there. I usually suffer in the humidity, but not that day. God blessed me with a great run and I was very thankful. 

Not long after I finished running, my oldest daughter called me to pick her up from school. She was very sick. Had I gone to Baton Rouge, my husband would have had to take off work to get her from school. She had a rough couple of days, but thankful she’s better today and we went shopping with her little sis and my mother after church. 

Today would have been my niece, Carli’s 24th birthday. She passed away at age 17 in a car accident. I cried all the way to church. Today was the first time in a long time I didn’t run for her on her birthday. I will tomorrow. My brother also had a birthday today and I miss him. A lady that attends my class lost her nephew Thursday. My heart is broken for his family. So much to think about and reflect upon. I don’t take one day for granted. Every day is a precious gift from the Lord. I hope y’all have had a great week! How did your week go? What are you training for? Would love to know! 

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap! 

27 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Haha, we had all four seasons in one week too.

    Brilliant idea of tracking sugar calories. I’m restricting sugar through January (and maybe beyond) but I haven’t really been keeping track. That’s a great idea.

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  2. Sounds like you had a busy week of runbing and classes to teach! Im sorry to hear about your families loss. I’m not sure if it gets easier in time or we just cope with it differently as the ,years go by. Glad your daughter is feeling better


  3. Cardio Fusion sounds like a class I’d really enjoy. It’s hard to eat healthy when you are running around. Even the healitheir snack bars have added sugars – even if its organic cane juice. 😉 I’m going to ty to keep it up but I know life will be more hectict this week.

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  4. I hear you on the hangries! I get them every once in a while when I forget to pack a snack. I try to always have nuts with me in case of emergency.

    Nice job on the runs! Our weather has been so crazy lately that I never seem to dress right for it.

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  5. Any time you need someone to go to a race with around these parts, you think of me! You wouldn’t be planning on running the Callaway Gardens half by chance? I eat something every 2-3 hours. If my blood sugar gets low, it affects my heart. I’m always stuffing my face it seems. Yogurt is a regular snack. String cheese is too. Bananas. I could go on and on. Your hills are a great workout! I spend most of my run trying to avoid them. LOL. Thanks for linking, Katie!

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    1. I haven’t heard of Callaway Gardens Half but will look it up! Yes it seems like I’m eating every couple hours now that I’m teaching my classes. I’ve only managed to get in one run this week so far and bad weather is coming. I just bought extra snacks like yogurt and string cheese!


  6. Wow Katie you did have quite the week! Ya know it always works out doesn’t it. Your trip to Baton Rouge just was not meant to be taken.
    I’m glad you are back at teaching your class, I sure wish you were closer I’d love to workout with you! And all those hills are going to make you so much stronger too!

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