Weekly Recap

Last Sunday was Christmas Day so we got up early and watched the kids open their presents. We got ready to head to church by 10 and went to my Mother’s for brunch after the service. It was nice being with family and watching the kids open more presents. We stayed until late afternoon before heading  back to the lake. I had been fighting a head cold since Thursday and wasn’t feeling so great. We had a nice quiet Christmas evening. 

Monday, my daughter and I went for a walk around the lake. It was overcast but HOT. One of the neighborhood puppies followed us home so my two daughters took her back home on our golf cart. I love living in a neighborhood with no traffic that’s safe enough for them to do that!

Aubrynn and I also tested out one of her Christmas presents. A giant bubble you can climb in and basically knock the poo out of your opponent with them!​ A great way to take out some aggression without actually punching people? Sure I will try that!

You can clearly see, my teenager showed no mercy lol! After a few rounds of bubble ball collisions and ours HOT walk around the lake, I could tell my head cold was making me feel worse. I made spinach dip to take to my Father-in-law’s and we had Christmas with him that evening. 

Early Tuesday morning, my friend Katherine drove up to the lake to run with me. She needed 7 miles and I aimed to run 5. It was the worst possible weather conditions, fog and humidity. I despise running in foggy conditions. She came to the house around 6:40. I had already been coughing a good bit before she got there. I could tell when we started running that I did not feel well and it was going to be tough. We ran over 3 miles together and I showed her where to go to get her extra mileage and I headed back home. I fixed Katherine a cold water in my ice chest and hopped in the golf cart to go find her. She was already a half a mile to my house when I found her! She ran those extra couple miles quickly and conquered a lot of hills! I was so happy she had a great run. I was thankful for the company!

My sister and her husband were in town and having a birthday get together later that evening at my Mother’s. I really did not feel well after that HOT 5 miles so I took a nap and felt good enough to go celebrate her birthday. Lots of family showed up so I was happy we went! 

Wednesday I got a hair cut and decided to go see our local Nurse Practitioner. I made my daughter an appointment too just to get her checked out. Turned out I was sicker than I thought. The NP said my cold was moving to my chest and my throat red. She gave me a steroid shot and antibiotics. She gave Aubrynn some allergy meds to dry up congestion. I really didn’t like that steroid shot. I don’t like how they make me feel. Do they make you feel weird? My mom kept the kids for me and my husband fixed me chicken noodle soup. We even watched an adult movie, “The Magnificent Seven.” 

Thursday I rested and literally spent the entire day in my pajamas. It was much needed. 

Friday, I felt good enough to head out for 4 miles. The weather was in the 30’s (my favorite!) and even though I caught a couple side stitches, I had a great run and saw a beautiful sunrise! 

On Saturday, I had planned to run a long run with Katherine and had to cancel. I hated to do that, but my body isn’t quite ready to tackle a long run just yet. I rested that morning and headed out for a short run around 11. I needed to run off some steam thanks to fussy kids especially my 5 year old. I haven’t been sick in a long time and it’s hard trying to take care of everybody when you don’t feel well. Three miles for the last day of 2016!

I took this picture climbing up my last hill. I call it “mental hill.” It’s steep and it’s hard, but when I make it to the top, I feel like I can conquer anything including fussy, argumentative, whiny 5 year olds!

And that wraps up my week agar Christmas! I did not meet either goal for 2016 (run 1000 miles and PR the marathon) but I’m excited to see what 2017 has to offer! It’s a new year, a new chapter and I am so thankful simply for waking up each morning. Every day is a gift! Happy New Year! 

4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Another great week for you in the running department. I hate you are still dealing with a cold, isn’t the cough the last thing to go too!?
    Are you living at the lake now on a permanent basis?
    Looks like yall had a wonderful Christmas and the balls oh my, that looks like so much fun. I’m sure my daughter would be the same way and show me now mercy!

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