Christmas week recap

Wow, what a busy week getting ready for Christmas! I managed to get all my shopping and cooking done and I ran 3 days this week! My son has been sick and I started feeling yucky on Thursday with a sore throat. 

Monday I went Christmas shopping with my husband. It was cold but I wore this only piece of running apparel I’ve bought myself lately from 73 Threads.. “Running Makes Me Cuss.” I should write a whole blog post on that topic. I love 73 Threads and ordered this shirt right after my super terrible half marathon on November 26. It fit my mood and attitude toward running perfectly. 

I wore this under my hoodie all day Monday! It was actually cold then. 

Tuesday I ran 4 miles and it was COLD! I actually wore running tights and long sleeves! 

I am really trying to get my pace back in the 10’s which is hard to do where we live now. We live on a lake and in a small neighborhood setting with all the hills you need to train for races like St. Jude, Meridian, or the Blues. Running these hills got me a 2:16 finish for 2 hilly half marathons last year! I do miss flat roads, but it is much safer to run here. There is no traffic and most of the dogs are friendly. This is the hill I have to run all the way up just to start my run. Whew! At least I get to run down on the way home!

Wednesday was another rest day. I took my middle child to lunch, Christmas shopping and to get our nails done. We had a very special day together.

My little boy has been sick this week so I didn’t go out to run until late Thursday afternoon. It was really humid and I didn’t need to be gone too long so I ran 3 miles at 10:56 pace. It’s funny how just 2 days before, I was running in long sleeves and tights. Thursday, I was in shorts and a tank top!

After this run, my throat started to feel scratchy. I made myself an Apple Cider Vinegar drink with honey to sip on that night. Friday, I woke up early to finish my Christmas shopping at Walmart. I came home and my daughters and I made white chocolate pretzels! We gave a tub to our neighbor and to my mom. The girls did a great job!

It’s not Christmas until we make something with white chocolate! I took the girls to a birthday party and stayed busy getting presents wrapped and I made shire chocolate puff corn. I was on the phone a lot with UPS and Sears. Apparently, a tool set I ordered my husband, never shipped. I was so upset. Luckily, my sister was coming into town and stopped at the nearest Sears store. She picked up the exact tool set I had ordered. Erica was an answered prayer. I was so thankful! My throat was still hurting but I didn’t feel bad and got a lot done that day. 

Saturday, Christmas Eve! My husband was off work and he started smoking pork loin. My two girls went to make cupcakes and brownies with my niece and Mother-in-law. I put all my ingredients together for hash brown casserole I was bringing to my MIL’s later that night. I decided to try to run 5 miles slowly, even though I was feeling sick. I waited until 10:30 to start and it was HOT. I took my time and drank plenty of fluids. When I finished, I didn’t feel bad or worse. I had to walk a lot but mainly just needed to get the miles in any way I could. I took this picture on the dam across from our lake house!

I do love the Christmas Ugly Sweater Remix Procompression socks. But did I mention, it was so hot?! Where did our cold weather go?? I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my food ready for Christmas Eve dinner. I made hash brown casserole and peanut butter squares. My niece who passed away 6 years ago LOVED my peanut butter squares. I make them every Christmas in loving memory of her. 

And today is Christmas! We’ve had a wonderful Christmas together as a family. My son woke up at 2 AM seeing Santa had already been to our house! Lol. He didn’t go back to sleep until nearly 4. We woke our kids up at 6:30, opened gifts and got ready to go to church. We went to my Mother’s for brunch after church and visited with more family. We didn’t get back home until after 3 or so. We have enjoyed spending the day together. Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas everyone! I am so thankful for my family!

I am linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap!! Merry Christmas y’all! 

13 thoughts on “Christmas week recap

  1. I hope you’re starting to feel better! I woke up with a sore throat on Thursday, but it wasn’t until this morning that I started feeling achy, etc. I’m hoping it’s a short-lived cold…

    Those pretzels look yummy! Merry Christmas!

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  2. I can relate to your situation regarding hills LOL My house sits about halfway on a hill…so every run either starts (or send) on an incline. Thankfully, it’s not a steep hill, but is almost two city blocks long in distance. And, YES to anything white chocolate!!

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  3. Hey Katie! Not sure if you remember me …Tricia’s friend from Meridian and friends with you previous pastor? Anyway ….So glad to see you on the blog! I missed last week (sometimes life just gets in the way) so I didn’t know you had joined the group… welcome!! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your sweet family and are getting back in the running groove quickly! Congrats on your recent half marathon success …those are even sweeter after a “not so pleasant” race. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  4. What a great week, other than the sick part.

    I love your 73Threads tee!! I hope to get something from their booth at Gasparilla in February.

    I got up the courage to link with Tricia and Holly this week as well!!

    I hope you have a great day!!


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  5. I won a tank this summer from 73 Threads that says “Triathlete”. I love how soft it is! And, I shallowly admit I enjoy displaying that title. You are right about the white chocolate. It can’t be Christmas without it! I live in a hilly neighborhood and it does come in handy. But, I’m also good and avoiding the hills when I want to. LOL. We’ve always wanted to live on the lake, but have to stay in the city until our youngest graduates high school. Can you believe our crazy weather here in the south? You never know what you’ll get! Thanks for linking, Katie!

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